b'CAREERSCareersYear 12 DEC students had theis emphasising the need to beinner constructions of a house opportunity to visit commercialgreener. built by Vistry Partnerships with and residential work sites, as parttheir unwrapped home, before of Building Plymouth Openfinally meeting up with YGS Sites Week. This has reallyLandscapes. They were shown helped to embed the coursethe green wall at the entrance curriculum and to see a lot ofto Sherford, the second largest what is being discussed in classliving wall in Europe, followed applied in the real world. Theyby a talk about the importance visited Ryearchs commercialof green skills and landscapes extension of the AdvancedA trip to Sherford, the newto a site build. Students had a Medical Solutions Factory intown being built on the edge offascinating time and developed Plympton, finding out about steelPlymouth was of great interest.great contacts for work frame construction, environmentalStudents were shown round theexperience opportunities, with surveys and precautions, plusestate by Taylor Wimpey. Thissome really exciting partnerships how the construction industrywas followed by a tour of thefor the future.Glendenning Year 12 AssemblyYear 12 students were invited to attend a tour ofEve Gadd, a research assistant at Plymouth the local Glendenning quarry as part of their SixthUniversity, gave a really insightful assembly into Form studies. Glendenning offers a wide array ofcareers in sustainability, outlining her passion to do different types of apprenticeships, including electrical,what she can to help sustain the world in which mechanical engineers, computer programmerswe live. As well as detailing her work on the Indigo and heavy truck mechanics. They were able toProject, looking at the effect of plastic fishing gear on experience what the work at the quarry was actuallythe marine habitat, Eve outlined other pathways and like on a day-to-day basis. They learned about thecareers in sustainability - with plenty of tips to help different processes and how to convert the quarriedour students on their way.stone into different materials, such as sand, concrete, tarmacking and horticulture lime.After the assembly Eve discussed corporate social responsibility with our Year 12 Philosophy and Ethics students, covering many current and topical case studies and giving them the opportunity to discuss these in great detail. Her guidance andinsight was greatly appreciated by all.TruthRespectEqualityExcellence southdartmoor.devon.sch.uk 9'