b'SOCIAL SCIENCESYear 7They were made aware of the key architectural features, including their purpose, how they are used, why they are important and how they were built. The abbey has a rich history of being self sufficient and self built. They learned about eucharist This year group went on aand why it is so important visit to Buckfast Abbey, metfor Catholics, about the abbot and learned abouttransubstantiation and whyreligious symbolism and practicesit is put in a tabernacle. associated with Catholicism,Students sat around the altar as followed by a tour around thea monk showed them what the abbey and grounds.chalice, eucharist and tabernacle looks like. They were then told about the impact of the reformation. Students asked the abbot about monastic lifestyle, which was impactful in helping them understand some of the key aspects of the abbey. Year 8 Year 12A visiting Hindu speaker fromSociology, Psychology andThe experience started in Exeter university came toCriminology students went onreception, where prisoners talk to our Year 8s. Studentsa prison visit to Shepton Mallet.were processed and took in learned about the key tenets ofThey were taken on a guidedthe wings, the cells, exercise Hinduism, including the Trimurtitour, raising their curiosity aboutyard, healthcare and even the and other deities, reincarnationthe past and thinking criticallyexecution room.and reasons for these beliefs.about punishment - from the Victorian era to the modern day. TruthRespectEqualityExcellence southdartmoor.devon.sch.uk 7'