b'WELCOMEExecutive Head Teachers MessageThis term has finally felt like we areand that the students here really were more or less back to normal or, atsecond to none. For her to have noted least, back to a place where we canthis in such a short period of time run activities, hold events, invite thewith us, I think, was remarkable and community in and, at a basic level,testament to the students superb communicate without masks coveringbehaviour and attitude. faces. And it has been wonderful! In some sense this has felt like my firstThis term has further highlighted that proper term at South Dartmoornot only are they polite and respectful, Community College, a term whereengaging and kind, they are also mature I can truly and fully understand andin their approach to important issues, appreciate what it means to betrustworthy when in ambassadorial part of this school community. I amroles and determined when it comes to deeply proud to work here with suchachieving, whether that is in concerts, incredible students, kind, hard-workingTen Tors or general curriculum work.staff and supportive parents/carers.I hope this newsletter gives a flavour When Ofsted phoned in late March, Iof what has been happening over this told the lead inspector on the day priorterm and why I feel so very privileged to their inspection that the studentsto work in such a wonderful school.here were second to none and I absolutely meant it. I got the sense thatMy best wishes for a relaxing, maybe other head teachers said similarenjoyable, sunny and happy summer things to her when she spoke to them.break.However, as she fed back at the end of the inspection, she repeated what I hadJen Veal said and she told me that I was rightExecutive Head Teacher2 01364 652230 South Dartmoor Community College'