b'COMMUNITYJubilee Celebrations Diana LegacyOur catering team baked aWe hosted more than 125 staffA big thank you to all of the beautiful celebratory cake toand students from schools allstudents involved and to all the honour the Queens Jubilee.across the south west for a twoother schools for attending.It was part of a competitionday anti bullying ambassador against other South West Norsetraining event, delivered by The catering departments.Diana Award Charity.Our newly trained ambassadors were very excited to take forward what they learnt and begin to run a brand new, fully student ledanti-bullying campaign. As well as making the cake from start to finish, the staff brought inAdult Ten Torssouvenirs which were on display for students to see. Those luckyFifteen South Dartmoorawards, by helping to remove enough to get a slice commentedCommunity College parentsfinancial barriers.how delicious it was! and members of the widerwww.southdartmoor.devon.Ashburton community challengedsch.uk/weekendtowalkthemselves to walk 35 and 45 miles respectively over two days,www.justgiving.com/emulating the Ten Tors Challengefriendsofsouthdartmoorwhich has recently celebrated itsThe group also featured on60th year.BBC TV and Radio.On the 28th and 29th May the two teams fundraised for the outdoor education provision at our school. This supported Miss Walker Sky Dive students to take part in events such as the Ten Tors and DukeIn the true Southof Edinburgh challenges andDartmoor spirit of rising to a challenge, Miss Walker has completed her first sky dive. She raised more than 500 for the Exeter based charity Dream-A-Way, which helps to make dreams come true for children and adults with disabilities.20 01364 652230 South Dartmoor Community College'