b'OUTDOOR EDUCATIONTen TorsResults Going ApeThis years 35 mile Ten TorsThe amazing Yellow Team cameOur Ctech group completed the teams left at 7am fromin first for our teams finishingP7 of their Unit 18 at Go Ape Okehampton and walked a rangeat 1.14pm. Louie, Seb, Candi,Haldon. Lots of fun and plenty of of routes, to finish on SundayMeg, George and Arthur you arelaughs.back at Okehampton camp.awesome!Green Team came in at 2.45pm in glorious sunshine at the Ten Tors! Alice, Noah, Will, Grace It was a huge challenge. Aand Ethan you did it!stunning start to our morning atThe next superstars crossed Ten Tors and all students got offthe line at 3.50pm. Well done to a great start.to Maya, Ben, Natasha, Ethan, George and Billy.Year 12s Tom P and Tom S walked as part of a combined team to bring the flag home for Stover School. Their amazing combined effort saw them all 55 All teams camped for the night,(and some) miles over the two with Year 12s Tom and Tomdays and got safely back to camp walking into the night withat 4.15pm.their 55 team.The weekend sawThe Purple Team arrived at camp an incredible effort from all,at 4.30pm and told us all about covering an astonishing 42 milestheir adventure! Charlie, Sol, in the first day. Juan, Mayah, Noah and Alfie did a great job.14 01364 652230 South Dartmoor Community College'