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South Dartmoor
Post 16

Welcome to the Sixth Form area of the South Dartmoor Community College website. Please use the side bar tabs to navigate to areas interest related to Sixth Form.

With 271 students on roll, we are predominantly an academic Sixth Form and offer a variety of A-Level courses, with a very small selection of applied learning options. We are thoroughly committed to our community, we have an inclusive approach and an aspirational vision.  Our adage is that ‘futures are made in the present’ and we will not allow any of our learners to underachieve. Our ethos is to include and involve students and parents in the Sixth Form learning journey and this triad working effectively  ensures that our students succeed not only academically, through the achievement of their ALPS target grades, but also holistically through the pastoral, enrichment and cultural experience of our sixth form.  We are committed to our students’ progression routes being ambitious and diverse and we are excited for all of them to find their passion and confidently pursue it.

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