South Dartmoor Sixth Form’s results this year continue the trend of our students exceeding their targets. Our 2016 results placed the Sixth Form in the leading position for progress in Devon Local Authority and the 2017 results look to be similarly impressive.

Safeguarding Newsflash

Dear parents and carers


As you will undoubtedly have heard, this weekend saw the tragic loss of life of a fifteen year old teenager. As we come into the school summer holidays, it is vitally important that we raise awareness of the key safety messages to students and parents/carers about the risks of illegal drugs and alcohol, particular to those students who are most vulnerable. We would particularly like to get key messages out before students break up for the summer.

We would like all parents and carers to please read the following important messages;


  • Drugs currently referred to as ‘legal highs’ (NPSs) are no longer legal.
  • People consuming drugs are not aware of what they are taking and they can be extremely dangerous - they can kill.
  • If anyone would like advice about drugs or alcohol, please visit, a website which includes useful information.
  • We ask that parents remain aware of where their children are, what they are doing and who they are socialising with, particularly on social media sites, where drugs are becoming more readily available. Please encourage parents to have open and honest conversations with their children about the risks of drugs and alcohol.
  • If anyone is aware of people supply drugs to young people, they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


There is a dedicated intelligence e-mail for information on drugs which will be essential in trying to reduce the chances of this happening again. As a reminder, the e-mail is


Dan Vile

South Dartmoor Sixth Form is delighted to see the hard work and effort of the last few years reflected in the latest Performance Tables news. The Sixth Form is ranked number 1 in the area and in the top 5% nationally for the all-important A Level progress measure.

South Dartmoor and Atrium 6th form are still accepting applications from external students - for further information please contact Penny Clark on 01364 654301 or

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
Welcome to South Dartmoor Community College

Welcome to South Dartmoor Community College, situated in Ashburton, Devon.

The core guiding principle that lies at the heart of everything we do at South Dartmoor Community College is to encourage and develop personal responsibility among all members of our community.

We believe in empowering students to take control of their own learning and their own lives so they know how to make good choices and also have the ability to thrive in a fast moving, ever changing world.

By creating a learning environment that has high expectations of everyone - and by modelling the behaviour that we expect from our students - we can provide the stepping-stones that bring dreams closer to reality.

The College is situated within the boundary of Dartmoor National Park and has an attractive rural setting. Most facilities are on our main campus on Balland Lane, with our Sixth Form Centre (Place House) and our extensive Sports Grounds and Facilities less than a couple of minutes walk away.

Please come and visit us - every day is open day at South Dartmoor - please contact our reception team to arrange your visit.

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