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South Dartmoor
Community College

Year 6 Transition

Welcome to South Dartmoor Community College

At South Dartmoor we are fully aware and appreciate the immensely important decision you and your child will be taking when deciding upon a secondary school.  It is for this reason we want to provide you with all the necessary information in order to make a fully informed decision.

South Dartmoor has a well-deserved reputation as one of Devon’s leading schools; we are extremely proud of the education and opportunities we provide. With a broad and rich curriculum, our journey together starts with an extensive transition programme.  Our care and focus upon each individual is enhanced through our pastoral care and teaching.

We have a specialist focus on sport, from a vast extra-curricular programme to our sports academies.  We are particularly proud of both our boy's and girl’s cricket teams and our boy’s hockey team both of whom have won national championships.

Performing Arts are central to College life, with students committed to many ensembles and performances throughout the year. We benefit from dedicated specialist facilities and offer a wide range of opportunities from an Annual production, Contemporary Dance and more.

We are enriched by having the highest performing non selective state sixth form in the county which enables us to provide the full 11-18 experience, with many students going onto Russell Group and Oxbridge universities. We believe in developing students with good learning habits curious, creative and courageous learners, driven by personal responsibility. Please do visit us to see life at South Dartmoor.

This is an exciting time to start your secondary education. Year six will be joining a happy and thriving Community College and will benefit from the new buildings and facilities on the site including our fantastic library. Standards of teaching are high and our expectations of you will be high also. Everyone at South Dartmoor will give you a warm welcome and your new teachers are looking forward to working with you, and your parents, for the next seven successful years.

Key Contacts

Please phone or email with any enquiries you may have. From September your child's tutor should be your first point of contact.

  • College Reception: 01364 652230
  • Student Absence: 01364 65540
  • General Enquiries: Contact us
  • Admissions Enquiries: Cathy Taylor Contact us
  • Transition Enquiries: Rachel Lewis Contact us
  • Devon County Transport Enquiries: 0845 155 1008


Open Events and Tours

We run several events throughout the academic year, you are also very welcome to book a tour at any time by calling College Reception on 01364 652230.


The College Day




Session 1


Session 2




Session 3


Session 4




Session 5


End of College Day



















When students join South Dartmoor they are put into one of five Houses named after local Tors on Dartmoor. Each house has its own colour. Their names are:

  • Beltor (yellow)
  • Fox Tor (orange)
  • Haytor (green)
  • Hound Tor (purple)
  • Rippon Tor (red)

We try to keep brothers and sisters in the same House, but not in the same tutor group.

House Teams

Each House is led by a teacher who is the Performance Leader, and two Student Heads of House, from Year 11, who are elected each year. Each House also has a Lead Tutor and a team of Personal Tutors each with a tutor group.


Performance Leader

Bel Tor

Mr Michael Slater

Fox Tor

Mr Jamie Morrison-Hill

Hay Tor

Mr David Ray

Hound Tor

Mr Phil Roberts

Rippon Tor

Mrs Amy Matthews

Tutor Groups

The Personal Tutor is the person students will get to know well and go to first with any questions or problems. Students see their Personal Tutor every day during morning registration from 9:00am until 9:05am on days when there are assemblies, and during extended registration and for tutorials, on the other days, until 9:25am. Each Tutor group will have four to six students from year seven to ten. They all help and support each other.


Uniform at South Dartmoor is a symbol of aspiration to excellence and achievement. Every student’s appearance reflects pride and commitment. It is a visible sign that students are ready to learn. Students are expected to wear their uniform correctly and smartly at all times.

Essential uniform items can be ordered using the link below:


You will receive an application for County transport with your son or daughters South Dartmoor admissions notification. Once an application has been made for County transport, those eligible will receive passes and further information during August. If you wish to discuss transport, please phone County Transport on 0845 155 1008.

Every student should think about and plan their journey to and from South Dartmoor in advance. Consider the following points:

  • Bus passes must be remembered for every journey
  • Good behaviour is expected at all times when travelling to and from College
  • If the bus does not arrive after 20minutes after the normal due time students should go home and contact College.
  • If a student misses the Bus at the end of the day they should go to Student Reception.
  • If a student would like to cycle to College they must wear a helmet and have permission (a form is available from Student Reception)
  • When a student arrives late or needs to leave early they should always sign in or out at Student Reception. A note from home is required in order to leave early.
  • If attending an After-school Club or Activity students must arrange a time to be picked up or register to travel on the late bus (certain areas)


South Dartmoor has a modern well equipped Library which is available before College, at break and lunchtimes.

The Library is an environment where students are welcome to come and enjoy an area where quiet and serious independent work and research can take place.

A Librarian will always be on hand to help students find resources. Students who arrive early may use the Library for home learning, quiet reading for pleasure or preparation for the day.


All meals are freshly prepared and cooked daily on the premises.

Scoffers use a cashless biometric system, where each student uses a finger print or pin to pay for meals and snacks. You can choose to have school meals or packed lunches to suit your day. Free School Meals are added to student's account daily. They cannot be carried forward to the following day. Food is served at breakfast, midmorning and midday. Money can be added via ParentPay, cash or cheque.

Menus are designed to reflect the season availability of fresh, locally produced ingredients. The College promotes Healthy Eating and encourages all students to eat a varied diet (a copy of the School Meals Policy is available from Scoffers office). All vended items meet our healthy eating criteria (low fat, salt and sugar).

If you have any enquiries about the Catering Service please contact the canteen on 01364 655380

Enrichment Programme and Activities

There is an amazing selection of great activities and clubs for you to be involved in. Come along, meet new people and make new friends with similar interests!

See the Daily Student Bulletin for details of clubs and activities on offer.

Special Educational Needs and Learning Support

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SEND) is Mrs Fiona Goodchild, who is supported by Mrs Anna White and a team of professionally trained Teaching Assistants (TAs).

Support for children include:

  • Close links with Primary School Head Teachers and year six teachers
  • TAs working within the classroom supporting named students but helping others in need of assistance
  • Small group work with students extracted from lessons (Key Stage 3)
  • Recognised expertise with dealing with students on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Some individual support for specific learning difficulties
  • TA or peer tutoring at Assembly times
  • The Learning Support Centre is available at all times, including break times, lunchtimes for curriculum and social support as well as being staffed to deal with problems at any time during the College day
  • Some TAs are attached to and specialise in work in nominated departments
  • Parents are contacted regularly and invited in to maintain close liaison
  • Parental Support groups for students on the Autistic Spectrum.
  • Prompt response to issues as and when they arrive

Learning Enrichment Centre

The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) has been running for the past five years as a department tasked with providing high quality and intensive teaching of Literacy (reading and writing) along with Enrichment sessions to students who are under achieving in these key areas of learning.  Our mission is clear – to ensure students make accelerated progress in Years 7 and 8 so that they are equipped to access the curriculum when they begin KS4 in Year 9.  Without this intensive teaching we have found that students in secondary school can often continue to fall behind their peers, making up much of the lower sets where they become more and more disengaged in learning and education.

At the LEC our role is to stop this trend by equipping students with the skills and confidence they need to achieve success.  We continue to see exceptional progress with the students accessing the LEC provision, both in terms of their reading and writing abilities but also in terms of their confidence, self-belief and importantly, their connection to the college and learning, all of which are large parts of the work we do in the LEC.  This is helped by the fact that our students are taught their LEC lessons in one classroom, with one majority teacher which gives them security within what can be for many a large and overwhelming place. 

Sensory Integration Programme

South Dartmoor Community College has been successfully delivering an initiative for students who benefit from a Sensory Integration programme [SIP]. The aim of the programme is to try to improve the retention of information and skills of some of our Dyspraxic and Dyslexic students, as well as those who may benefit from additional fine and gross motor skill activities. We aim to build their self-esteem and continue to develop social skills in a safe and happy environment.


  • Each pupil will follow a specifically designed programme.
  • Lessons run for ten minutes twice a day, four hours apart with the Sensory Integration Co-Ordinator and a specialist Teaching Assistant.

Pupil Progress

  • Every Student following the programme is monitored closely and will be assessed on their reading and writing twice a year.

Transition Week commencing Monday 6 July 2020

We look forward to welcoming our new year seven students, to attend a week of College. This will enable students to meet new friends, current students, members of staff, become familiar with the site and routines and ensure that they are looking forward to the start of their secondary education in September. Pupils will be asked to attend in their current school uniform and the only equipment they will require is a school bag, current school sport kit and pencil case with a pen, pencil and ruler.

A Parents’ Welcome and Information Evening will take place on Thursday 11 2019 July at 6pm in the College Sports Hall. Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s tutor and chat informally with staff and other parents.

Primary Links and Liaison Programme

We work closely with schools, year six teachers and parents throughout the whole academic year to ensure that the transition needs of all pupils are met with additional visits available.

Questions and Enquiries

Please contact Rachel Lewis via phone or email.

Contact us