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South Dartmoor
Community College

Super Curriculum

What is the Super Curriculum?

Super curricular activities are those that take you beyond the regular curriculum. They take the subject you study in the classroom beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you’ve done for homework. The Super Curriculum provides a deeper and richer wealth of material that will allow your mind to fly and develop your understanding on a much bigger scale.  On this webpage, there are a range of activities, suggested by teachers, for you read, listen to, watch and do to stretch yourself and explore your subjects.

The importance of Super Curricular activities

To do well at school it is important to have enthusiasm and curiosity for your subject and to develop the capacity for independent study.

By engaging in super curricular activities, you could enhance your grades and open more opportunities for your future simply by broadening your understanding of a particular subject area. Developing the ‘love of learning’ is key to success in school and the Super Curriculum allows to you to develop in the areas you like the most.

How to use the Super Curriculum

Each page will allow you to engage and take part in numerous activities in that subject area. You will be able to:




Don’t forget to use Immersive Reader and Read Aloud features if this makes learning easier for you. 

If you need help with these features please see this link on our website:  South Dartmoor Community College - Immersive Reader Video.

The super curriculum will develop your understanding in subject areas. Try to build on this new information and see ow it relates to learning in the classroom. 

You will develop analysing skills by digger deeper in content matter – this may lead you to carry about some investigation work of your own.

The Super Curriculum will help you to develop critical thinking skills around why you like something and what questions it has sparked in your head.

Above all, we hope that the Super curriculum develops your love of learning and ignites a passion in particular subjects that you really enjoy.

If there are areas of interest that you would like to see within the Super Curriculum please let us know.