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South Dartmoor
Community College


Sixth Form Staff

Director of Sixth Form - Mrs Abi Slater 

Sixth Form Administrator - Sarah Carroll 

The Sixth Form Progress Mentor Team 

The role of the Progress Mentor is a key factor in the success of our students. The Progress Mentors' primary role is to support each student they are responsible for, to achieve their full potential; securing their best possible outcomes through personalised tracking and monitoring of their progress related to their curriculum pathway, their attendance and overall pastoral welfare. The Progress Mentor is the key contact for each student and their parent/carer.

Being a Progress Mentor is a truly rewarding experience. Mentors and their students develop professional relationships of the highest quality. The team love supporting their students to navigate their way through the challenges and triumphs of their time at Sixth Form, guiding them on their way to exciting and fulfilling progression routes.

craig axford

Curriculum Leader - History

Neil whitelaw

Teacher of History 

Julie Randell

Careers Lead / Teacher of Childcare

Ralph Wickenden

Curriculum Leader - Creative Arts