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South Dartmoor
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Safeguarding and Wellbeing


New Wellbeing Bulletin (click here)

January 2022 Rail safety

Due to the very high level of trespassing on the tracks by young people in the local area, Network Rail in partnership with Learn Live are working to help raise awareness to students across the UK educating them about the dangers of the train tracks through interactive digital delivery.

More than 13 million students, parents and teachers from across the UK have watched the training videos which have led to a significant decrease in the number of trespasses in their area through watching the safety videos. The training video is less than 15 minutes and explains why it is important to stay safe near the tracks.

Please use the link below to access the free video. You will need to enter the following email into the registration field when you first watch the video.

Secondary school version: Age 11-16

Please use the following contact details if you have a safeguarding concern regarding your son/daughter or are concerned about another young person. 

December 2021 E-Safety

As part of our continued commitment to keeping parents updated on the latest E-safety news, please find attached information on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app, which also allows users to chat with friends via text or audio. Users can share images and videos with specific friends, or through a ‘story’ (documenting the previous 24 hours) visible to their entire friend list. Snapchat usage rose during the pandemic, with many young people utilising it to connect with their peers. The app continues to develop features to engage an even larger audience and emulate current trends, rivalling platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Please use the link to below to access additional support and guidance, you'll find tips on how your son/daughter can reduce the potential risks, such as being exposed to inappropriate content and sexual imagery (sexting).

Thank you for your continued support.

Key contacts 

All external agencies wishing to speak to the school regarding a young person will need to use either of the safeguarding numbers below for the Child Protection Officer and DSL.

Image of Dan Vile

Dan Vile – Child Protection Officer (DDSL)

Safeguarding mobile - 07809341872

Caleb Stevens Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Safeguarding mobile 07590775330

If you are unable to make contact, you must then call your concern through to:

If you are worried about a child or young person in Devon and want to speak to someone, or if you are a child or young person worried about your own safety please contact the MASH on 0345 155 1071 or email and give as much information as you can.

Emergency Duty Team – Out of hours

Emergency Duty Team on - 0845 6000 388

For concerns related to terrorism;

  • Anti-Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321

  • Crime stoppers: 0800 555 111

  • (South West ) Police 101

Student Safeguarding contacts

Childline: 0800 1111

NSPCC: 0808 800 5000

CEOP online reporting:

Mental health support—

CHAT HEALTH school nurse text messaging service will be continuing through the coronavirus pandemic and that students can continue messaging their queries to us about anything they need advice or are worried about. The number is: 07520631722

Online safety advice for parents

Please use the link below to access the most up-to-date guides for social media apps and platforms.

Operation Encompass 

Dear Parent/Carer

The school continues to be part of the project that runs jointly between schools and Devon and Cornwall Police and is currently running throughout the UK.

Operation Encompass is the reporting to schools, prior to the start of the next school day, when a child or young person has been exposed to, or involved in, any domestic incident.

Operation Encompass will ensure that a member of the school staff, known as a Key Adult, is trained to allow them to liaise with the police and to use the information that has been shared, in confidence, while ensuring that the school is able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children, or their families, who have been involved in, or exposed to, a domestic abuse incident.

We are keen to offer the best support possible to all our students and we believe this will be extremely beneficial for all those involved. Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at the College, and our participation in Operation Encompass will further help safeguard our students.

Any further information or advice can be obtained by accessing the website:

Please don’t hesitate to contact the College if you have any questions regarding the Nationwide initiative.


 Safeguarding & CHILD PROTECTION Team


Dan Vile  

Assistant Head Teacher

Child Protection Officer


Caleb Stevens 

Head of Year 10 & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Safeguarding mobile 07590775330

Fraser guidelines

A child's legal rights Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines

When we are trying to decide whether a child is mature enough to make decisions, people often talk about whether a child is 'Gillick competent' or whether they meet the 'Fraser guidelines'.

The Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines help us all to balance children’s rights and wishes with our responsibility to keep children safe from harm.

At South Dartmoor and Atrium we will always strive to inform parents when their son/daughter is receiving or accessing medical and/or external agency support. This decision will always be discussed with the young person. 

Lower School Team - The Heads of Year 7-11

Ben Fuller (7) Ross Munro (8), Suzy Eagles (9) Susie Hill (11) and Payman Jaberi (12/13) (Left to right)



All of the safeguarding team above have completed their Level 3 Safeguarding training. 

SAFEGUARDING, Welfare upcoming events 

Dear Parent / Carer

We know for some of our students the ‘getting’ to school part of the day is difficult and we are always looking at ways to remove as many barriers and worries as possible for our students. As part of our attendance and wellbeing strategy, we will continue to offer the ‘Landing’ room facility for students who are feeling anxious about coming to school in the morning. We will be providing an alternative space for students to arrive, where we will support students with any uniform, equipment/stationary or PE kit worries. There will also be an opportunity for students to receive a breakfast bar and a drink. We will then send students off to their lesson, hopefully feeling better about the day ahead.

Mrs West will continue to run the room each morning from 8.30 to 9am. We would ask that parents email Mrs West (using the email address below) no later than 8.15am, to inform the school that your son/daughter will be visiting the Landing room. Students will need to arrive at Student Reception where they will be met by Mrs West.

This initiative is open to all years.

Child Protection Statement& DEVON THRESHOLD TOOL 

We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice.

The college will use the threshold tool to monitor and provide evidence in regards to safeguarding our young people. The threshold will be used to support discussions with parents and carers where there is a safeguarding concern. Please use the link below to understand more about how the school will take action when a concern is raised.

The adoption of the model provides consistency for professionals working across geographical areas.  This dynamic model provides a needs led, outcome driven matrix of need and vulnerability which, when used effectively, can match the child/young person’s needs with the appropriate assessment and provision.



Attendance and welfare contacts  


Attendance Officer

Max Huntley


Attendance Administrator

Tracey West

Please use the following link to access the attendance policy and the absence request from.  


Additional support staff for parents to contact 



Medical & First Aid

Parents can contact Ferdinand Boucher directly for any questions regarding illness, injury and administration of medication.

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 

Click here to read our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. Paper copies are also available from reception. ​We will act to protect a child where there is a disclosure or concern about abuse. The categories of abuse recognised by social care would be neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

For additional support and advice, please use the link provided to access the Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2021 version.

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2021 (KCSIE)

All staff at South Dartmoor have read the KCSIE part one document.

Other key safeguarding documents:

Working together to Safeguard Children 

Safeguarding & Child Protection

South Dartmoor Community and Atrium are committed to child protection and safeguarding. We follow all statutory guidelines as well as our own policies and procedures.

Our core safeguarding principles are:

  • The school’s responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children is of paramount importance

  • Safer children make more successful learners

  • Policies will be reviewed at least annually unless an incident or new legislation or guidance suggests the need for an interim review.

Key SCHOOL Policies 

Please use the link below to access the all key policies.

Safeguarding reporting 


Image of Dan Vile

Dan Vile – Child Protection Officer (DDSL)

Safeguarding mobile - 07809341872

Caleb Stevens Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Safeguarding mobile 07590775330

If you are unable to make contact, you must then call your concern through to:

If you are worried about a child or young person in Devon and want to speak to someone, or if you are a child or young person worried about your own safety please contact the MASH on 0345 155 1071 or email and give as much information as you can.

Emergency Duty Team – Out of hours

Emergency Duty Team on - 0845 6000 388

For concerns related to terrorism;

  • Anti-Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321

  • Crime stoppers: 0800 555 111

  • (South West) Police 101

Also a reminder to all parents that the college has a reporting button on the college website which enables students and parents to report concerns to the college anonymously. We do encourage parents and students using the report button to give specific details of the event to facilitate a faster resolution.  The link can be found by clicking here.


More information about child protection and safeguarding can be found on the Devon Children and Families Partnership website. 

Devon Children and Families Partnership

MASH is a partnership between Devon County Council children’s social care, education and youth services, Devon NHS health services, Devon and Cornwall Police and the Probation Service working together to safeguard children and young people. When a professional, family member or member of the public is concerned about a child or young person’s safety, they can contact MASH. They deal with all enquiries/referrals where there is a child protection concern. ​You can find out more about what the organisation does and how to contact them in this information sheet for parents If you have serious concerns about a child or young person, or if you need help parenting your child, you can call 0345 155 1071 or email: (Out of hours, please call 0845 6000 388. If it's an emergency, dial 999).

The Devon Children and Families Partnership has an Early Help strategy to protect children or young people in Devon and provide help and advice to families as soon as they need it. Early Help is about more than child protection: it is about making sure that children living in Devon are safe, happy, healthy and well-educated. Early Help co-ordinators work across Devon to ensure that those children and families needing help are receiving it from the right professionals.

If you feel that your family would benefit from Early Help, please contact a Designated Safeguarding Lead at the College.

Safeguarding report links below;

About ChildLine

ChildLine is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of 19. ChildLine counsellors are trained staff and volunteers who all have experience of listening and talking to children and young people.

About Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

We help children stay safe online. Has someone acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know? It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up. You can report it to us below.

Students & Parents - Where can I get help & EARLY HELP SERVICES 

Early Help

Early Help is a term used to describe the earliest intervention that a family receive in response to emerging additional needs of a family member/s. When a family’s needs increase, more than one service may be required to meet the needs. Early help is the name given to the way services work together, in a co-ordinated way to support the family.

Information for parents  Online safety

Most young people are accessing the Internet from a variety of devices. Safe use of the Internet is taught in our Personal Development Curriculum, Impact Days and in tutorials.   However, all adults need to be aware of safeguarding issues around the Internet. A useful source of free advice is Get Safe Online.

Safeguarding Newsletters 2022 


Students with EMOTIONAL social, mental and HEALTH difficulties 

Mrs Hammond 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion

Please click on the links below for support information.

Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

CAMHS is used as a term for all services that work with children and young people who have difficulties with their emotional or behavioural wellbeing.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Kooth-Your online mental wellbeing community for support