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South Dartmoor
Community College


Chris Hodges - Head of Geography

Geography Intent 

The Geography Department believes that young people of today are the stewards of tomorrow (cultural capital). Studying geography will enable every child to experience the Human, Physical and Environmental realms of the planet (Truth) and gain the research skills to facilitate their own curious enquiry (literacy) of what they experience (Excellence, Equity). 

We believe that teaching students to understand how the core concepts of Geography (Space, Place, Scale, Process, Systems, Patterns, Interactions, Sustainability, Values and Attitudes) (literacy, raising aspiration) they will be able to analyse for themselves the importance of man’s action and reaction to the evidence of human impact (Truth, Respect, scholarship). 

We are committed to creating ethical and socially aware agents for change- understanding that human/environmental interactions impact and alter for the better (Respect, Equity, cultural capital) as well as the worse (Truth), students will become equipped with the belief that their knowledge and understanding enables them to benefit from the world’s resources whilst leaving it improved through their lifelong choices (creativity, integrity, kindness, raising aspiration, cultural capital).