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South Dartmoor
Community College


For the past Six years, achievement of learners on academic courses of study has been significantly positive.

The 2020  figures, maintain the consistently positive Value Added record of our 6th Form, with our students achieving positive progress, gaining A level and Level 3 grades above that predicted by their GCSEs results. Our students average attainment grade for 2019 was C+ which is in line with the provisional national  average. 2019 saw a significant rise in our average points score APS to 100.62. Provisional L3VA is +0.05 while our vocational and applied L3VA is +0.22.  

Overall our validated Progress score in 2019 was 0.2.  

Our 2019 results place our Sixth Form in the top 10% nationally for student progress.  Previously our 2016 validated results analysis placed our A Level results in the top 5% of providers nationally for progress measures, with a progress measure of +0.3, well above national average. Our average attainment grade for 2016 was C+ which is in line with national and above the Devon average.  In 2017 our average attainment grade was C and our A Level pass rate of 99% was above the national of 97.9%.  L3VA indicates a positive VA score of +0.07 for 2017.  Predictions for 2018 results are strong for attainment with an overall academic average grade per entry of B- and applied average grade per entry of Distinction.

The Sixth Form uses the national Advanced Level Performance System to evaluate the quality of our provision and our overall three year analysis is included below. Out three year score is grade 3 which places the college’s overall progress performance between the 80th and 90th percentile – categorised by ALPS as ‘Excellent’.  Our 2020 position is provisionally in the top 1% Nationally.

Please follow this link for the validated 2019 data for SDCC Sixth Form

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