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South Dartmoor
Community College


Promoting equal opportunities is fundamental to the aims and ethos of South Dartmoor College and The Atrium. Our school is committed to equal treatment for all pupils, regardless of race, sex, disability, religion or belief, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Each of the core principles of our school suggests an approach which promotes equality and celebrates diversity.

Students will only achieve excellence if the barriers that promote unequal outcomes are successfully removed.

Respect for all members of our school communities can only be achieved by creating a culture of openness and truth which promotes acceptance and tolerance amongst our young people, staff, parents and carers.

Equality in education can only be truly achieved if every pupil has an equal chance to thrive.

These values are commonly held across our Trust and South Dartmoor College and The Atrium.

Equality and diversity objectives

The School’s ethos and aim as a whole is to:

  • To eliminate unlawful discrimination on grounds of any of the protected characteristics
  • To advance equality of opportunity for all members of the school community
  • To foster good relations between pupils who share a relevant protected characteristic and pupils who do not share it
  • To develop understanding and use of appropriate language that supports all members of our school communities.