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South Dartmoor
Community College


At South Dartmoor Community College we are passionate about offering our students a diverse and stimulating range of experiences - empowering them to develop new skills, be adaptable to challenges and to pursue interests that enrich their lives.  

We aim to engage, inspire and challenge our students both within the subject taught and in extracurricular enrichment programmes.  

Each year we have an active enrichment programme which includes debating, musical celebrations and support for national and international charities. These enrichment activities are eagerly pursued and reported to be highly motivating. This creates a holistic and balanced school experience. We strongly believe that an active extra curriculum forms a symbiotic relationship with exam performance.   

The enrichment programme enables students to realise their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom. Students develop a sense of self-awareness and an understanding of school and community needs and opportunities. They also learn how to apply their gifts and skills to make a positive impact. We encourage mixed-age activities, which fosters communication and friendship between the year groups. This, in turn, helps to promote healthy relationships, self-esteem and contributes to fostering a love of life long learning. 

The enrichment programmes are divided into three areas:  

  • The super curriculum  

This runs parallel with the taught curriculum throughout all key stages. It is designed to enhance and extend the topics taught. Each month departments publish resources that are linked to their subject. The resources range from video links, podcasts, articles, and suggested books. An example being if students are studying inheritance and evolution in GCSE science, they could be directed to a YouTube video investigating the effect of the meteorite impact that caused a mass extinction event that ended the reign of the dinosaurs.  Students also are directed to practical activities, an example being in KS3 cooking where students who have been studying bread making are directed to a recipe and instructions to make a more exotic loaf to be baked at home.  

  • The invested curriculum   

This relates to events that happen within the school day and are structured to whole cohorts of students. We have a rich programme of events which our students take part in including art workshops, debating club, taking part in a performance, charity events, University visits and fundraising.  Other highlights are the ten tors and Duke of Edinburgh’s program, where currently over 80 of our students from Years 9 to 13, are actively working towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, and 60 students are on the Ten Tors programme.

  • Extra curricular  

We offer a rich programme that is more elective in nature, where students follow their interests and skills. The provision is wide, with many after school and lunch clubs running, and extending into weekend events and residential trips further afield. The college is well resourced in sports facilities and both competitive and recreation activities are very popular. Music is another strength with the school being awarded the prestigious Music Mark Award by the Music Council, in recognition of the arts and culture provision provided by the school in all year groups.