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South Dartmoor
Community College


In the Sixth Form we strive to offer all our students as many additional opportunities to their standard educational package as possible. The primary objective of this is to enable students to broaden their skill set, so they can develop further key attributes that will not only prove useful in later life, but also help them to ‘stand out from the crowd’ in ever growing competitive markets.

Physical Activities 

We are proud of the variety of extra curricular opportunities we offer. These include sport, drama, music and dance, with all our Sixth Form students able to access these. Details of these are published termly, with additional events resulting from this. Also music, dance and drama clubs and rehearsals, culminating in events such as the famous school production. Notable past productions include School of Rock, Little Shop of Horrors and Fame. Furthermore, students contribute to the annual ‘Body Language’ dance production and can access health and fitness classes run through the affiliated Ashmoor Sports Centre (including free access of the Ashmoor facilities, such as the fitness suite, during school operating hours).

Sixth Form Leadership Team and student Ambassadors 

Our Sixth Form SLT provides the student body with a voice in the current and future shape of the sixth form, organising fundraising events and days, promoting positive steps to improve the environment or working practices. This is a great opportunity for our students to take on genuine responsibilities, develop organisational and cooperative skills all whilst improving the student experience of post 16 education. Supporting Induction days to running the Leavers' Party, our SLT are central to the success of the sixth form.


Student Mentoring 

Throughout our students’ time in Sixth Form, there are always opportunities to support fellow students, both sixth form and lower school. This can range from subject specific mentoring in areas such as GCSE English, science and maths, to pastoral support, working with particular youngsters one to one in a role model capacity. This enables our students to develop key attributes such as communication skills and empathy, plus when working with fellow Sixth Form students, to continue to enhance their own understanding of subject matter which can boost personal performances.


We actively encourage our students to immerse themselves in voluntary roles, both within the college, but also out in our local community. Previous and current examples include the running of the A Level Business Christmas Fair, to charity work such as cake sales for Comic Relief, to helping out the Ashburton Carnival with marshalling, or offering to complete readings as part of festive services in Ashburton Community Church. We and our local community value the contributions of our students. In return, these experiences enable students to develop personal traits and prove to prospective employers and higher education providers that they have several strengths to their skill set.

Work Experience/Careers 

We are fortunate that as part of our sixth form team, we have a designated careers advisor working in conjunction with our lower school, on hand to support students when planning work experience and career prospects. All students partake in work experience during their time in the Sixth Form and we have worked hard in order to build up a number of contacts in a range of areas such as teaching, medicine and engineering. We also initiate opportunities such as mock interviews for students applying for higher education courses or employment that require this aspect, which has proven particularly useful for students in the past.

Assemblies/External Links 

Each week we have an assembly timetable, during which either members of staff or external agencies, discuss a particular subject or opportunity available. This ranges from current affairs, such as politics and elections, when members of respective parties have come in to speak about their policies, to future enrichment/employment opportunities involving links such as the Prince’s Trust and the armed forces, to useful skills, such as learning how to perform CPR on an unconscious casualty.

There is a Sixth Form assembly  each week. Year group specific assemblies are held periodically, this allows each year group to be supported more specifically, based on the time of the year. For example, in the first term, a representative from student finance has come in to discuss how to apply for financial support when applying for university for the Year 13 students who are going through the UCAS application process.

Our assembly programme ensures that our students have every opportunity to be made aware of any current affairs or potential options that might be available to them.

We also run half termly Praise Prize Draw Assemblies, where we celebrate the success of our students in their learning and  classroom activities, highlighting the importance of attendance, effort, contribution to lessons, mentoring and participation.