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South Dartmoor
Community College


Examination Certificates

Due to COVID-19 and the college being temporarily closed examination certificates cannot be accessed by any member of staff. We will be able to access and send home examination certificates as soon as the college is reopened.

In the meantime, if you require a copy of your statement of results please contact Samantha Harris the Examinations Officer. This document can be sent via PDF to an email address and lists all of the examinations that you sat while at South Dartmoor Community College and the grade outcome(s) as well as the examination board(s) used. Most Universities and employers will accept this document as an alternative to a result certificate.


Please see below for a copy of our examination entry form.
You will be able to locate all of the examination information that you require on the examination board website(s).

Please be aware that we charge an admin fee as well as the initial entry costs. We also add invigilation charges to the entry and these will be calculated per hour, per examination paper.

We will need to receive a copy of the completed form before we are able to provide a final overall entry amount.

The examination board(s) will issue a closing date for final entry information. Any forms accepted after this date will incur double or even triple fees depending on when we receive the information.

Please return the completed form to

Examination boards used by south dartmoor community College