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South Dartmoor
Community College


This section includes information about the whole college curriculum.

Information about subject curricula can be accessed by visiting the individual subject pages.

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The Curriculum at South Dartmoor Community College


We aim to educate all students, introducing them to the best that has been thought, written and created. We expect students to develop an increasing control over their lives underpinned by a search for truth, respect for self and others, an understanding of social justice and a commitment to being the best they can be. We prepare them for the world of work and adult responsibility, and help them to develop resilience to face life’s challenges. We encourage students to care for and treat other humans with courtesy, dignity and respect and support them to stay mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. We provide opportunities to be creative and to value the arts as key to being culturally educated. We give value to being healthy and fit and participating in individual and team sports. We enable students to develop intellectual curiosity and provide a secure grounding in the practical skills the modern world requires.

We have an academic curriculum which complements our holistic entitlement programme. This is a broad and balanced curriculum set up for deep learning and the pursuit of powerful knowledge. Good progress is centred on learning more and remembering more, achieved through delivering high quality Curriculum enactment every day.