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South Dartmoor
Community College

Bel Tor

Performance Leader - Mike Slater

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Lead Tutor - Mrs Julie Ingham-Hill


Welcome to Bel Tor!

Bel Tor is the 'Golden House' of South Dartmoor Community College. We are a house who pride ourselves on having a positive approach to school life and a 'can do' attitude to the challenges which we will all undoubtedly face every now and then.

The 'Bel Tor Building Blocks' of respect, commitment and honesty are the foundations on which all Bel Students should look to build on. Students and staff in Bel Tor respect each other and the communities which they are a part, they show commitment in all that they do, whether this be turning out for a school sports team, trying in a subject they find difficult or supporting other students that may be having a difficult time, and above all they are honest. Honest to themselves, honest to their teachers and honest to those who support them at home. By committing to these three building blocks Bel Tor students give themselves the best chance possible of reaching their potential.

In Bel Tor we strive to acknowledge the achievements of our amazing students. As well as whole school awards such as the prestigious Principal's Black Tie, Bel Tor end each term with the Bel Tor Oscars. This light-hearted ceremony awards serious and not so serious awards alike, and culminates in the award of the Hember Cup to the terms most outstanding Bel Tor student.

Whether you are a student, parent or teacher please enjoy you time in the golden Bel Tor sun!!

Once golden....always golden.

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Bel Tor charity:

Amount raised this year: £398!!