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South Dartmoor
Community College

New PE Rotations

The new core PE activity rotations start on Monday 31st January 2022. Please view the presentation linked below and scroll down to your son/daughter's respective year group. There is an introductory slide at the beginning which will help you make sense of the PE rotations.

For almost all of the activities students will require indoor South Dartmoor PE kit, purple polo top, shorts/tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings and trainers. We also advise a change of socks for the PE lesson to promote good hygiene. Outdoor lessons might require the South Dartmoor purple fleece. If your son/daughter has a lesson on the 3G pitch they will require plastic moulded football boots to comply with health and safety regulations.
This presentation has also been shared with all students on Class Charts and is available to view on the PE section of the school website and our social media platforms.
Thank you in advance for supporting your child in preparation for core PE unit 3.

Mr P Roberts
Subject Leader Physical Education