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South Dartmoor
Community College


Certificates from June 2017 and previous seasons are available for collection NOW from the exams office on main site. Please come and collect them ASAP. Legally we only have retain the certificates for 12 months and after that we are legally allowed to shred them. We do keep certificates for longer than that but will begin a policy of shredding after 24 months and this will begin in Jan 2019. 


It is advisable that they are collected ASAP and stored carefully as they are expensive to replace, approximately £70 per certificate.


The exams office is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm Mon - Fri.  If you are unable to collect in person, then you can send someone on your behalf with written confirmation that are authorised to collect. Alternatively you can send a Stamped Addressed Envelope to the exams office and we can post to you, (at your own risk).

If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to contact

Best wishes

Miss E Dixon

Examinations Officer