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South Dartmoor
Community College

Student of The Month February

Poppy Beck Yr9RTR Hound Tor

“Poppy is the most: enthusiastic, excitable and charming young lady. Poppy fully embraces and contributes to many of the exciting opportunities afforded to her at South Dartmoor. I know she is very busy this term rehearsing for Body Language. I watched a rehearsal just recently and was astounded by her talent. Poppy also has been a member of the Hound Student Council since she started in year 7. Throughout this time Poppy has had an impact on positive change and House events in Hound tor. Poppy shows a commitment to South Dartmoor which is evident in her 100% attendance but also in every choice she makes on a daily basis. I will strongly encourage Poppy to apply for the position of Student Head of House in the future”.

Mr Roberts