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South Dartmoor
Community College

Personal Finance Success

Orin H is leading the way, as many of our students continue to excel in the study of personal finance. Orin has just completed the Lessons in Financial Education Certificate in record time and with an average score of 94% across the three exams.

Students can cover three units on a wide range of topics, from the basic origins of money to understanding budgeting, taxation, interest rates, types of current accounts, savings accounts, debt and potential career opportunities in the financial sector.

In 2021 our Year 10 and Year 11 Business Studies students have all embarked on additional personal finance studies to complement the business course. Nine, like Orin, have now achieved the three unit Lessons in Financial Education Award. 51 students have already achieved the single unit Lessons in Financial Education Certificate and are working towards the full award, whilst our final Year 10 class will be sitting their exam just before the end of the year.

In January, we are planning to introduce personal finance into KS3 with a term of the computing timetable being given over to the delivery at first in Year 7 and then over the next three years firmly embedding personal finance teaching across all year groups.

The London Institute of Banking and Finance has submitted a Level 2 GCSE equivalent course for authorisation from the Department for Education, if this is successful we may also then be in a position to offer Personal Finance students as a stand alone Year 9 Option in the near future. 

Photo: Orin with Mr Richards, his Finance and Business teacher.

Mr Rodgers

Head of Business & Economics