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South Dartmoor
Community College

New Bubble Benches

Students at South Dartmoor Community College are delighted with the ten new picnic benches bought for the school by the Friends of South Dartmoor Association (FOSDA).

Due to the pandemic, students are having to spend more time outside in their year group bubbles and more seating was desperately needed. FOSDA set about raising funds for the benches and was thrilled with the financial support it received from Glendinning Ltd, Dartmoor National Park and Devon County Councillor Stuart Barker. A huge thank you to them from all the children, staff and parents at SDCC. 

Mary-Anne Course of FoSDA said:

"Students were in dire need of some more picnic benches to sit and eat lunch on and for general use at break times. Because of the pandemic, they are having to spend as much time outside as possible and all the children are in separate year group bubbles.  This was really difficult as they were having to sit on the concrete floor or stand, as the grass was too wet and muddy. The seating we were able to buy is brilliant because it is made of recycled plastic and has a 25 year lifetime guarantee, so it doesn't require any ongoing maintenance."

The donors were:

Glendinning (via Barry Wilson, MD) - £950

Dartmoor National Park - Community Support Grant (via Emma Stockley) - £500

Devon County Councillor Stuart Barker  - £1,000

Glendinning also kindly donated 10 tonnes of gravel, making a huge difference to the area where it’s been used.