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South Dartmoor
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Alumni News

We are always thrilled to hear about students who have progressed from sixth form into higher education and are clearly making a positive contribution, in some cases on an international stage!

Kelly Eastham studied History, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy and Ethics at A level in the sixth form.

I left South Dartmoor in 2017 and started studying a degree in law at the University of the West of England. During my time at UWE I volunteered for a charity called Justice Defenders. JD works within maximum security prisons across East Africa, providing leading education and training to inmates and guards, in order to access justice. 

Within my role at JD, I have worked in both Kenya and Uganda, as a prison tutor for inmates enrolled in the University of London distant learning programme. Additionally, I worked within prison clinics assisting cases and devising strategic litigation plans for the Ministry of Justice to enable systematic change.

I have since graduated with a first class law degree and have co-founded an organisation called Educating for Justice, which works in partnership with JD and other NGOs providing bespoke training and educational programmes. I am currently studying a masters in International Law at the University of Bristol.


 Here is link to a documentary about the work in Kenya and Uganda which Kelly was involved in. .