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South Dartmoor
Community College

Golden Spanner Trophy!

Our new Year 12 students have had a busy first week. They have been getting to know their new classes, teachers and tutor groups and taking advantage of the greater degree of independence that studying in the Sixth Form provides. 

A highlight of the Induction Day was the tutor challenge. Students came together in their new tutor groups to try to safely launch an egg from the balcony in the Sixth Form Centre, timing how long it took to land. Ingenious design was combined with sheer determination from all tutor groups. However Abi Slater's tutor group come home with the Golden Spanner Trophy, triumphant in both categories: design and slowest decent.

As you can see from the photos, not all the attempts were as successful as others. However, a cracking time was had by all and it was an egg-cellent start to the term!

The next opportunity for a tutor group to get their hands on the covered Golden Spanner will take place later this term at Exeter Ten Pin Bowling, when the whole Sixth Form are taking a well deserved trip to Exeter to go bowling and share a pizza or two at the Waterfront.