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South Dartmoor
Community College

Cricket County Finals

Congratulations to the U15 girls' team, who qualified for the Indoor Cricket County Finals. We sent two teams to the district round of the Chance to Shine Competition at Paignton Community College. They were up against strong opposition, including two former county champions. The girls' team knew they had to be at their best to qualify.

South Dartmoor A Team

South Dartmoor A team went undefeated, winning all four of their matches to reach the county finals, which will be held next year in March. For the majority of the team, this was the last opportunity to compete in the indoor competition. This is also the first time that they have made it through to the next stage of the competition.

Group A

SDCC A vs Paignton Community College - won by 96 runs

SDCC A vs Kingsbridge - won by 66 runs

SDCC A vs Torquay Girls Grammar - won by 14 runs


1st/2nd Place Play-Off

SDCC A vs Teign School - won by 10 runs

SDCC A Team: Immy D-T (captain), Isabella B, Olive M, Mia H, Evie L, Mae W, Aurelia F and Nell N.


South Dartmoor B Team

South Dartmoor B Team, which was made up of largely a young side, improved throughout the competition. SDCC B Team finished by comfortably defeating Paignton Community College. SDCC B Team scored 111 runs which was the highest total scored during the day by a South Dartmoor team. 

Group B 

SDCC B vs Churston Grammar School - lost by 37 runs

SDCC B vs Teign School - lost by 13 runs 

SDCC B vs Newton Abbott College - lost by 39 runs


7th/8th Place Play-Off

SDCC B vs Paignton Community College - won by 57 runs

SDCC B Team: Ruby G (captain), Maisie T, Megan G, Nelly B, Summer P, Eve W, Ava C and Lucy L-W.

Player Awards (as nominated by the teams)


Players of the day: Evie and Mae

Team players: Nell and Aurelia

Moments of the day:

  1. Mia bowling someone out the first ball of the day. 
  2. Immy and Mia took five wickets in the first 12 balls of the match. 
  3. Mae taking 13 catches/stumpings during the day. 
  4. Evie, Olive, Isabella, Aurelia and Immy all scored sixes.
  5. Immy retired not out (scoring more than 15 runs) against Torquay Girls Grammar School. 
  6. Nell’s crucial diving catch against Torquay Girls Grammar School. 

    SDCC B Team

Player of the day: Ava

Team Player: Ruby

Moments of the day: 

  1. Ava’s superb reaction catch against Paignton Community College.
  2. Ruby, Maisie, Megan, and Nelly retired not out (scoring more than 15 runs) against Paignton Community College.
  3. Ruby and Nelly both scored sixes.

    Congratulations to everybody who took part in the competition. Next week it will be the turn of the South Dartmoor U15 Mixed Team.

Cricket Club Training Times

Tuesday break 2: Years 7 - 8

Wednesday break 2: Year 9 - 13

Friday after school (3.10 - 4.30 pm): All years

Mr Pryke and Mr Malone