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South Dartmoor
Community College

Chance to Shine

Four teams went to the Chance to Shine Outdoor Cricket Competition, below is a summary of how the all got on. We welcome any new students who would like to join the Cricket Club. Cricket training continues outdoors on Mondays and Fridays during break two and on Wednesdays after school (3.30 until 4.30 pm). We also look forward to taking members of the Cricket Club on a trip to watch Somerset vs Hampshire in July.

Mr Pryke

U13 Girls

Led by Maisie T, the U13 girls put in an impressive display against strong opposition. The U13 girls' performance was particularly impressive considering three team members were playing in their first ever game of cricket (Seren P, Bella M, and Greta K). The U13 girls' team beat Teign School and St Cuthbert Mayne. A defeat to Torquay Girls Grammar meant that Teign School, Torquay Girls Grammar, and South Dartmoor all finished on the same points total. The tournament rules stated that qualification would be based on the number of runs scored and wickets taken. Unfortunately, South Dartmoor narrowly missed out on a place in the next round. A terrific performance from a talented group of girls. Well done to everyone who played!

Player of the day: Evie L

Team player: Eve W

Moment of the day: Bella M's fantastic batting display against Kingsbridge Community College.

Team: Maisie T (captain), Summer P, Nelly B, Eve W, Ava C, Seren P, Evie L, Kitty S, Bella M, Honey M, Megan G, and Greta K.


U13 Boys

The U13 boys team played with exceptional team spirit to win three of their matches and lose one. Some terrific bowling and aggressive batting ensured wins against Teign School, Paignton Academy and Newton Abbott College.

The U13 boys had to beat Churston Grammar to qualify for the next round. All was going well when the boys restricted Churston Grammar to a low score after some exceptional bowling. Led by Angus B and Cian H, the U13 boys required 12 runs to win off the final 5 balls of the match. South Dartmoor narrowly lost by two runs. However, a moment of terrific sportsmanship was shown by Cian H, who was batting when he was given 'not out' by the umpire. Cian H asked the umpire to overturn his decision as he had knicked the ball to the wicketkeeper. Although the five penalty runs confirmed that South Dartmoor had lost by two runs, Cian's commendable honesty gained him respect from the staff, the opposition and his teammates. Well done to Cian!

Player of the day: Cian H

Team player: Linden P

Moment of the day: Josh T's two wickets in two balls against Newton Abbott College and Cian H's sportsmanship.

Team: Albie B (captain), Albert C, Ryan C, Riley C, Nat P, Linden P, Cian H, Josh T, and Angus B.

U15 Girls

Led by exceptional leadership from Olive M, a talented U15 girls' side started with some exceptional batting and bowling to win the first two games against Teign School and Torquay Girls Grammar. A win against St Peters would have placed them into the next round. However, a narrow loss meant that three teams were tied on two wins each. The tournament rules stated that qualification for the next round would be decided by the number of wickets taken and runs scored. South Dartmoor narrowly missed out on qualification but played with excellent team spirit throughout the day. Well done to everyone who played!

Player of the day: Aurelia F

Team player: Nell N

Moment of the day: The team performance against Torquay Girls Grammar.

Team: Olive M (captain), Immy D-T, Lucy L-W, Aurelia F, Nell N, Mia H, Mae W, Isabella B, Evie L, and Ruby G.

U15 Mixed

Due to the popularity within the U15 age group, two teams were sent to the competition (South Dartmoor Team A and B). Led by Jack L and Alex H, South Dartmoor Team A showed excellent determination to bounce back from a heavy defeat by Teign School to win their next two matches against Kingsbridge Community College and Paignton Academy. Contributions from everybody on the team with bat and ball meant that the U15 mixed team became the first South Dartmoor team to qualify for the outdoor county finals this year. Congratulations!

South Dartmoor Team B had an outstanding win against St Cuthbert Mayne after some exceptional batting and bowling, in particular from Mia H who took two wickets in two balls. St Cuthbert Mayne's PE teacher commented on our students as "the kindest and most encouraging team he has ever had the pleasure of coaching against".

The U15 mixed team looks forward to attending the County Finals at Topsham Cricket Club next month. Well done to everyone who played!

Team A:

Player of the day: Alex H

Team player: Jack L

Moment of the day: Immy Du-T taking 2 wickets in 2 balls in the final and a terrific catch in the slips from Jack L off the bowling of Alex H.

Team: Jack L (vice-captain), Alex H (vice-captain), Olive M, Immy D-T, Angus M, Ollie D, Joe F, and Harry V.


Team B:

Player of the day: Mia H

Team player: Lucy L-W

Moment of the day: Mia H taking two wickets in two balls against St Cuthbert Mayne.

Team: Mia H (vice-captain), Aurelia F (vice-captain), Mae W, Lucy L-W, Gethin W, Albie B, Nell N, and Arie G.