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South Dartmoor
Community College


The Science Department:

Rebecca Flint:  Subject Leader

Kerri McCarthy, KS4 Coordinator

Ben Lovick, KS5 Coordinator, Physics Coordinator

Sean Grosvenor, KS3 Coordinator

Robert Lewis, Chemistry Coordinator

Cat Buckle, Acting Biology Coordinator

Nick Long, Head of Science, Atrium School

Garry Murphy, Assistant Principal, Atrium School

Gary Cunningham, Health & Safety 

Amy Matthews, Performance Leader, Rippon Tor 

Jim Lodge

Ged Desforges

Nicola Ward

Claire Stoakes

Stephen McGeever



The Computer Science Department:   


Claire Buckler: Subject Leader 

Adrian Carlson-Hedges


Please find below Curriculum Outlines for Science and Computer Science (ICT) in Years 7-13.