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South Dartmoor
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An Introduction to the Learning Enrichment Centre @ South Dartmoor

The Learning Enrichment Centre was first set up four years ago at South Dartmoor in response to the need to provide high quality, intensive teaching for those students who come to secondary school still needing support in terms of their reading and writing and not being quite ready for secondary school.

Research shows that without intensive and high quality support in key Literacy skills, students in secondary school can often continue to fall behind their peers and tend to become more and more disengaged in learning and education.  So the mission of the learning enrichment centre is clear – to ensure our students make accelerated progress in Years 7 and 8 so that they are equipped to access the curriculum when they begin KS4 in Year 9.

LEC students receive the following:

  • Either 8 or 10 sessions (depending on level of support needed) of their 30 session timetable within the LEC department.
  • An enormously supportive department whose sole focus is on the well-being of your child and ensuring they develop the skills needed to succeed at secondary school.
  • An LEC timetable with 4 sessions devoted to reading, 4 sessions to developing writing and 1-2 hours developing emotional literacy and outdoor learning.  
  • Small class sizes (8-16 students) to maximise teacher support.
  • One LEC classroom which for many forms the student’s base at South Dartmoor.
  • One majority LEC teacher who will teach the students in Year 7 and into Year 8 (wherever possible). 
  • An LEC timetable in KS4 (Y9-11) consisting 3 sessions (taken instead of MFL) for students still requiring additional support.  Many students will graduate entirely from the LEC at Y9 and access the full curriculum.

Year on year, we have seen exceptional progress for the students accessing the LEC provision, both in terms of their reading and writing abilities but also in terms of their confidence and self-belief and emotional development which is a huge part of the work done in the LEC. 

Last year our Year 7 LEC students made on average 18 months progress with their reading in the 9 months with us in school.  Last year, our Year 7 and Year 8 students, on average, outperformed their peers in English in terms of progress made towards reaching their end of year target levels.  This exceptional progress in reading and writing is down to the emphasis placed within the department on these skills and also by building close links with our parents who are instrumental in the successes we see via regular parent meetings and events held in the LEC. 

Analysis of data for this year shows these outstanding results are continuing with our newest cohort of students.  Indeed, the data shows our Year 9 and 10 students outperforming their peers across a range of different subjects in KS4.

We have strong links with our feeder primary schools and work closely with them to identify students who might benefit from this provision when they come to us in Year 7.  These discussions take place primarily in the Spring term.  However, if you feel that your child might benefit from this additional support, please talk to your child’s Year 6 teacher about the LEC provision at South Dartmoor or please feel free to contact us directly and we can explain more about the ground breaking work done within this department and also invite you in to visit our department and meet the team.

For more information please contact Fiona Goodchild, LEC Leader: Contact us

Please see below for a curriculum overview:-