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South Dartmoor
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Examination Information

EXAMINATION CERTIFICATES are ready for collection

Examination certificates are ready for collection.
Students will be able to collect their examination certificates from the examinations office which is located in the admin block on Main Site.

Collection times will be Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.

Students are expected to collect their certificates in person.

If students would like someone else to collect the certificates on their behalf please email or provide the third party with a signed letter authorising them to do so. Nobody else can collect another person’s certificates, even if they are a close family member, without the students written consent.

The email/letter must state who they authorise to collect their examination certificates and this will be held on file as evidence of collection.

The certificate(s) will not be released to anybody other than the student without this written consent.

Alternatively, the examination certificates can be sent out via royal mail if a stamped address envelope is provided. However, this is done at your own risk as we do not use a recorded delivery service.

Examination Timetable - Summer 2020

Please see below an attachment for the provisional PUBLIC examination timetable for Summer 2020, please note that due to this being shared with you early it may be subject to change.

  • CTECH examinations will not appear on this timetable as the examination data has not been released yet. This will be added onto the timetable as soon as possible.
  • Music A Level and Music GCSE exams are currently not showing on this timetable. The examinations officer is waiting for confirmation from the Music department.
  • City and Guilds courses will not appear on this timetable as the qualification is delivered through South Devon College.
  • The Year 11 Childcare PUBLIC examination will take place on Thursday the 14th May 2020, duration 1 hour 30 minutes. This will be scheduled for the PM session.

Any questions or concerns please email:


Please see below for a copy of our examination entry form.
You will be able to locate all of the examination information that you require on the examination board website(s).

Please be aware that we charge an admin fee as well as the initial entry costs. We also add invigilation charges to the entry and these will be calculated per hour, per examination paper.

We will need to receive a copy of the completed form before we are able to provide a final overall entry amount.

The examination board closing date for final entry information is the 21st February 2020. Any forms accepted after this date will incur double or even triple fees depending on when we receive the information.

Please return the completed form to

Essential Examination Equipment

All students should have a range of ESSENTIAL equipment for all examinations.
Students will need to bring the following items with them to every exam!

  • A CLEAR plastic zip-lock bag or CLEAR pencil case.
  • A number of BLACK ink ballpoint pens or biros. NO OTHER COLOUR.
  • A selection of HB pencils - at least 2.
  • A pencil eraser.
  • A pencil sharpener.
  • A 15cm and/or a 30cm ruler.
  • A selection of coloured pencils.

For all Science and Mathematics examinations you must bring:

  • A calculator (this will be used in examinations that allow calculators - this information will be provided on the front of the question paper). Students must ensure that the calculator works properly, that anything stored on it has been cleared, that there are no lids or covers and that there are no printed operating instructions, formulae or prepared programs stored on or within the device.
  • A Mathematics set - protractor, set square and compass.

All these items can be purchased from the Library (and probably cheaper than elsewhere).


Information FOR candidates - JCQ documents

Examination centres must ensure that the JCQ 'Information for Candidates Documents' are distributed to all candidates whether electronically or in hard copy format prior to examinations taking place. The majority of these documents can be found in the 'Student Exam Information Booklet' (PDF copy below) which the students have received already this year. Please see below for links to the JCQ information for candidates documentation.

RESULTS DAY - Summer 2020

GCE - Thursday 13th August 2020
GCSE - Thursday 20th August 2020

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