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South Dartmoor
Community College

Blog 14 (20-05-20)

Dear All

Today is “National Thank a Teacher Day” and I would like to thank all parents and students that took the opportunity to say Thank You. It really did make a difference to colleagues, I know this because so many of them shared the messages that you sent them.

The government has started the conversation about opening school for some “Face to Face Learning” for year 10 and 12 students. However, they still have not published their guidance of how this will look. Once I know more I will communicate with you at the earliest opportunity. We are still running our Edu-care provision which will be moving back to South Dartmoor from the 1st of June for Key Workers, vulnerable students and students with an EHCP. I would publically like to thank  Ashburton Primary for hosting us over recent weeks and the professionalism of colleagues from both Ashburton & Buckfastleigh. WeST has most definitely made us “Stronger Together”.

I realise that Home Learning is difficult for many families, both students and parents and there are a number of very challenging situations that many find themselves in. Please remember to be kind to yourselves, we can’t always be superheroes some days you just have to take off the cape and mask and enjoy the time together. Your health and happiness is as important as your work, it’s all about getting the correct balance.

Take care, stay safe

Kevin Dyke Interim Principal