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South Dartmoor
Community College

Blog 13 (14-04-20)

Dear South Dartmoor Community

I hope you are well and coping with the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. I am sure that within every household there will be a real mix of emotions due to our current situation. 

For some this will be an extraordinary difficult time with regards people’s health, safety, relationships, financial and job security. For others it will be a time of real bonding and shared experiences with families and neighbours. The only thing that I know for definite about our current situation is that we will be remembered for how we act and conduct ourselves in the days weeks and possibly months to come. The acts of kindness, support and sacrifice we each individually make will be remembered for our lifetimes and in history.

I know that home learning has been a very different experience for all parties involved, students, teachers and parents. For many it has been a challenging experience and I can fully appreciate that our busy households are not always the most conducive to both learning and teaching. However, this is a situation that we find ourselves in and one that we need to continue to refine and develop.

Finally, I would like to finish by saying that from the first day that I arrived at South Dartmoor in September I was proud to be your Headteacher. The experience that we are living through and will continue to live through for some time to come has just increased that sense of pride. Seeing the professionalism of colleagues and the resilience of students and parents and carers has been a humbling experience and one which I will not forget in my teaching career. You have all made me very proud. If we continue to work together we will get through this and come out the other end even stronger.

Take care, stay safe

Mr Dyke