Bel Tor

Performance Leader - Mike Slater


Lead Tutor - Mrs Julie Ingham-Hill

Student Heads of House - Sapphire Cousins & James Reynolds



Bel Tor Tutors:-

Mr Ged Desforges

Mr Dan Hayward

Mrs Maria Climent-Donat/Mr Don Phipps

Mrs Katie Holt / Mr Richard Hill

Mrs Langdon-Ward / Mrs Gill Sims

Miss Lucinda Baines

Mrs Carol Tregonning


Welcome to Bel Tor!

Bel Tor is the 'Golden House' of South Dartmoor Community College. We are a house who pride ourselves on having a positive approach to school life and a 'can do' attitude to the challenges which we will all undoubtedly face every now and then.

The 'Bel Tor Building Blocks' of respect, commitment and honesty are the foundations on which all Bel Students should look to build on. Students and staff in Bel Tor respect each other and the communities which they are a part, they show commitment in all that they do, whether this be turning out for a school sports team, trying in a subject they find difficult or supporting other students that may be having a difficult time, and above all they are honest. Honest to themselves, honest to their teachers and honest to those who support them at home. By committing to these three building blocks Bel Tor students give themselves the best chance possible of reaching their potential.

In Bel Tor we strive to acknowledge the achievements of our amazing students. As well as whole school awards such as the prestigious Principal's Black Tie, Bel Tor end each term with the Bel Tor Oscars. This light-hearted ceremony awards serious and not so serious awards alike, and culminates in the award of the Hember Cup to the terms most outstanding Bel Tor student.

Whether you are a student, parent or teacher please enjoy you time in the golden Bel Tor sun!!

Once golden....always golden.


Bel Tor News 2016-17


It's only been 2 weeks back in the swing of things and already the successes' of South Dartmoor's golden students are coming to my attention

Dowie Evans and Callum Start had the opportunity to take part in the annual 'Tour of Britain' event.  The Tour sits at the top of the domestic calendar organised by British Cycling, the sport's governing body in the UK, which features road events right up from the grass roots level to leading series for professional teams and riders. Both students did themselves and Bel Tor extremely proud dealing with challenging and changeable conditions with unwavering enthusiasm.

One of our new Y7 students , Max James (below), recently competed in his first National Lifesaving Regional Finals competition, being the youngest competitor in an age group up to 14yrs. Working in pairs, Max and his partner were awarded the Bronze Medal, a huge achievement at such a young age.   


 Incredible cricket success for 3 golden students:

Congratulations to the Bel Tor students involved in the recent cricket success for South Dartmoor. Two students, Racheal Fee and Jack Churchill were part of making history when both the boys and girls Under 15 cricket teams both won the national title on the same day!  One other Bel Tor student, Anneka Cragg, was also part of the U13 girls team who were runners up in their national final, losing out on the very last ball!

All will have made memories for a lifetime and can forever say that they were involved on 'that' day. Well done to all three.




 Rachel (back row 2nd from left) and the winning U15 girls



 Jack Churchill (back row 2nd from right) and the U15 champs


Molly picks up Bel Tor's biggest prize.....

Every half-term the tutor groups nominate tutees who they feel deserve to win the Hember Cup, Bel Tor's biggest praise award. Of all the great nominations it was Molly Costello who came away with the cup. Molly has been instrumental in helping the new Y7's settle onto her tutor group, is an outstanding role-model in terms of making the most of the opportunities available at SDCC. This includes learning Cantonese where she achieved 92% in her latest test. Well done Molly!




Principal Black Tie awards

It was a very proud day for 3 Bel Tor students today who were awarded a Principal's black tie; the schools highest honour for outstanding commitment and contribution to the ethos of SDCC.

13 Bel Tor students were nominated by there tutors, Lead-Tutor and Performance Leader based on their outstanding progress reports, attendance, citizenship and determination to succeed. just to be nominated is a wonderful achievement.

Nominees were - Hellie Pascoe, Tessa Bacon, Sam Thompson, Edmund Fisher, Amber Stone, Emma Smyth, Rowan Astwood, Ian Pearse, Amy Astwood, Will Bastow, Enya MacManus, Racheal Fee and Erin Ruth.

It was an incredibly hard call but Amber Stone, Ian Pearse and Enya MacManus were chosen to pick up their black ties in assembly this morning. Three very different personalities but all equally deserving of their prestigious award. Well done to all 3!!


A month of success for Bel Tor Hockey ace...

Bel Tor hockey star Aaron Martin has had a very successful month so far and there may well be more to come as we move into 2017. The picture below was taken at the 2016 Teignbridge Sports Awards where Aaron and the SDCC U16 team won the Team of the Year courtesy of them reaching two National Finals in 2016! (Aaron is pictured second from left)

The U16s have recently qualified for the National Indoor Finals in January making them one of the top-10 teams in the country!! Bel Tor wishes Aaron and the team best of luck!!



Anneka, Toran and Rowan lead the way in a new era for SDCC gymnastics:

Three Bel Tor pupils have been part of a exciting new chapter for gymnastics at SDCC. In February the school took a team to the Devon Schools floor and vault championships and gave a great account of themselves (see results below). A big well-done to Bel Tor's Toran Murray-Preece, Rowan Donald and Anneka Cragg who all contributed to this success.




Body Language 2017

Body Language, the schools annual showcase for Dance, provided another example of the amazing variety of talent in the Creative Arts at SDCC. I was privileged to see it once again this year and witness numerous Bel Tor students bravely get up on stage in front of a few hundred people and demonstrate their abilities. Two golden students in particular did themselves proud. Elise Prowse and Taylor Evans (pictured below with yours truly) picked up a Dance Commendation award and Most Improved student in Dance award respectively. Congratulations to both students.