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World Book Day 2016


Sherlock Holmes, Cat in the Hat, Montmorency, Jesus, Verruca Salt, and the Mad Hatter. A little creative insanity blew through South Dartmoor with the wind on Thursday 3rd March. How refreshing it was to gaze out from the library windows at 8.30 as the students sauntered into school and see these glimpses of eccentricity, all for the love of reading and in celebration of good fiction.

Book voucher prizes were awarded for the top 2 best dressed which proved no easy task to judge. After over an hour of deliberation, and due to the generous spirit of our excellent librarians, extra prizes of free books were rustled up to reward the fabulous student effort. Certainly a precedent has been set for future years.

Celebrations continued through the day with story instalments in lessons, videos of professional children’s writers talking about their craft at lunch, book token exchanges for £1 books; and coupled with our ongoing reading competition (Fox Tor is set to sprint past Rippon in the reading race!) students seem to be enjoying books here more than ever before.

WBD 2016 was a success. Let’s hope that such occasions will help us all with our collective vision: that when our students leave us they will all value and enjoy reading for pleasure… for books are gateways to brighter futures.

A big thank you to all parents for encouraging reading at home.