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Statement from the Governing Body

Dear Parents & Guardians


Following a meeting last evening of the South Dartmoor Community College Governing Body we are horrified at the attempt by a small number of individuals to denigrate the fantastic work which goes on at the College with unjustified and inaccurate attempts to discredit the leadership of the College by misleading and factually incorrect posts on Facebook.


The College, as part of the wider Multi Academy Trust, is subject to stringent governance in the form of regular Governor meetings where extensive reporting and relevant proposals are challenged and supported as necessary. All significant decisions taken have to be sanctioned by the Governors of the College or the Directors of the Multi Academy Trust. Governors or Directors are also involved in all significant appointments and role changes. The accounts are subject annually to the rigour of a full external audit carried out by a significant independent regional accountancy business, which is accompanied by a thorough on going internal audit process. The college is subject to Ofsted inspections where, at the last inspection, Leadership and Behaviour was judged to be outstanding. The governing body is an experienced team of people many of whom have children at the College currently. The governors have many years’ experience and include members who are educational professionals in their own right, as well as others who are staff representative governors.


The College, as part of the wider Multi Academy Trust, has so many reasons to share with you the ongoing success:-

  1. The College has the highest attaining non selective sixth form provision in Devon, which is also amongst the best in the South West.

  2. The key stage 4 results (‘GCSE’) compare very favourably with other schools locally and continue to improve.

  3. The performing arts offer is exceptional with; ‘Body Language’, ‘We will Rock You’, Live Sessions, Autumn and Spring Concerts and the upcoming Opera next term being just a fraction of what goes on.

  4. Our performance on the sports field is amongst the best nationally we are; the best hockey playing state school, one of only two state schools named in the top 100 schools for cricket. Our Chelsea team, as part of our Sports Academy, play on the national stage and our captain also captains England school boys. We have a fantastic golf offer, a new dance academy and we are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our new rugby academy. These are just a few illustrations of our areas of excellence.

  5. A fantastic extra-curricular offer including Ten Tors and surf club is too extensive to list.

  6. A wonderful and content team of teachers who work tirelessly for our students and are proud of their College.

  7. Huge investment in the fabric and facilities of the College include the new dining hall coming on stream shortly, the recently completed Atrium (+£3.8 million from a new and separate DfE funding stream) being introduced to improve the vocational offer, plus the improved fitness suite and spinning studio.

  8. The Learning Enrichment Centre is a highly effective new provision for students finding learning more challenging that has already achieved wonderful results.


There are many other areas of which we are rightly proud.

As a governing body we strongly object to the negative and often libellous comments coming from certain quarters. We understand that no school is perfect and we continue to work with the staff team to pursue further improvements. A large majority of our governors are parents and have a real desire to see continued success in all areas of College life. We believe we have a College of which to be proud with great leadership and great staff. The governing body are completely at odds with some of the recent negativity. Many of the positive elements, some of which have been mentioned, are a much more accurate reflection of the College and its achievements. The staff are exceptional in their resolve to deliver the best opportunities for our students/children.

Any negative connotations can only destabilise, undermine and detract from the enormous effort our students put into both educational and extracurricular activities. Our students deserve every support and recognition for their endeavours and massive achievements, they simply are amazing.

We very much appreciate the support of so many of the body of parents and carers and urge you to continue to support all that is good about the opportunities South Dartmoor offers. Please spread the positivity far and wide with pride. Anyone wishing to speak privately with a member of the Governing Body, please contact Judith Morgan to arrange an appointment.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support,


The Governing Body

South Dartmoor Community College