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South West Regional Bank of England Target 2.0 Competition

South Dartmoor Community College Economics Students – Runners up in the South West Regional Bank of England Target 2.0 Competition !!

‘Target Two Point Zero is a competition that gives teams of students aged 16 to 18 the chance to take on the role of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee”..
Mrs Brooks took 4 A Level Economics students to Tiverton on Wednesday 30 November to deliver a complex 15 minute presentation giving the Bank of England advice and forward guidance about what they should be doing with their monetary policy. Each team had to assess economic conditions and the outlook for inflation and then set the interest rate to meet the Government's inflation target of 2.0%. The teams then had to present their analysis and monetary policy decision to a panel of judges.’ (Bank of England)

Sixth Former Patrick Harriot investigated the trends in the financial markets and created ‘mathematical’ slides which the Bank of England advisor judged as ‘excellent’. The precision by which the students researched and analysed real financial data was impeccable. After the presentation Patrick said,
" I enjoyed the challenge of thinking on my feet while answering the judges questions"
Natasha Smith developed a comprehensive review of the labour market looking at the impact of BREXIT on wages and uncertainty. Natasha said:
"For me target 2.0 was an enriching experience, it provided me with the opportunity to further my economic knowledge by researching topical issues that we face within our economy. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, and produced highly rewarding results "
Matthew Middleton reviewed demand and output creating great slides which really highlighted key aspects of the economic data. Costs and prices make up the nuts and bolts of inflation and its measurement and Nathan Trott delivered an impressive and rigorous analysis of the economic theory.

The judges were impressed with the Powerpoint and delivery of the argument to leave monetary policy largely unchanged, feeling their analysis was in line with the thoughts of the MPC currently. The students coped really well with their questions and were given the runner up prize against 8 of the highest performing schools in the area. They had a weight of evidence to back up their argument and they were commended for their performance. The students were professional and acquitted themselves incredibly well throughout the planning and delivery of their presentation. We now sit on the reserve list for the National final in London.

We would like to congratulate the students for their success in this most challenging of academic competitions, and thank Merlin Davies for his support as a mentor and advisor throughout the preparation stages.
We came runner up to Torquay Girls Grammar, who also won it last year, and we are always the only comprehensive school there competing against private and grammar schools. This has been the highest placement to date in this rigorous and highly academic challenges. Our students were amazing and I am incredibly proud.
Samantha Brooks
Head of Economics, Business and Enterprise