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South Dartmoor students go the extra 'tile'…

On Thursday 2nd February Year 12 and 13 Business students took the opportunity of a factory tour at British Ceramic Tile (BCT) in Heathfield. The company was very accommodating to our requests and we enjoyed an insightful talk on the process of making a ceramic tile. The highlight was experiencing an in-depth tour of the factory which is the size of four-and-a-half football pitches. We followed the complete process, from the raw materials and commodities entering the factory, to the completed tile. A lot of the students were amazed by the self-automated machines which transported five-tonne containers of finished goods. We even had the chance to look around the glass tile section which was rather different to that of a basic ceramic tile.


Ella Bradshaw thought this process was especially excellent to see, due to the handmade process which was being completed. This will be very beneficial to students completing the exam in June and will help apply the concepts of quality control, capacity utilisation and motivation of employees from a real-life scenario. Daniela Chivers was surprised to see the all-male workforce at BCT. Olly Clifford-Bourne thought the tour was really good and was surprised to discover what goes on within the business – especially as he drives past the factory every day. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the team at British Ceramic Tile for all their help and support, and we look forward to another tour next year.