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Rio Olympics comes to SDCC for STEM fortnight

Recently our Key Stage 3 students had an opportunity to learn more about the Rio Olympics in their Science, Maths, Computing and Design and Technology curriculum lessons. The aim was to enrich the student’s knowledge and interest in a number of topics surrounding this one common Olympic theme.

In science students have been learning about Olympics in Rio on a variety of scientific fronts. Students were able to discover how to generate hypothesis based on athletic ability. Students were able to make assumptions based on; height, hand size, foot size etc... And link it to a person’s ability to run faster, jump higher and throw further.  The Zika virus was a focus research for students understanding what pathogens are and the concerns around Rio 2016 and what can be done to prevent more babies being born with abnormalities.  Students also investigated the need for sports drinks to discover electrolyte content, sugar levels and conductivity of each sports drink to decide whether or not athletes really benefit from drinking them rather than water. 

In Computer Science year sevens used a microcontroller called a micro:bit to create a basic pedometer.  The micro:bit is a tiny computer that has a small LED display and lots of sensors.  Year eights were introduced to a spreadsheet called Excel, they used this to take the recipe used in Food Tech and automatically generate a food nutrition label that could be used on food packaging.

 In maths lessons students were invited to design a space for an Olympic sporting event. Students drew a plan view of their venue having been given real world specifications. They calculated the area of various spaces so that materials and resources could be ordered. Some groups of students went to great lengths to check that there was enough space for more spectators than the 2012 Olympics, to make the occasion bigger and better than ever before!

 In design and technology students were given the task of designing a healthy cereal bar suitable for a training athlete. We looked at cereal bars already on the market and determined the high levels of sugar and fat and looked at ways of increasing the long lasting energy content. Students made a batch of their recipe and had to design their packaging taking particular attention to learn about the allergens in their product. Whilst in product design students looked at vacuum formed packaging and working to a specification to fit the cereal bars made in food.

 We had plenty of lovely comments from students and they had certainly made many meaningful links with the work that they had undertaken. Many thanks to all teaching and support staff who made this possible. Roll on for the next one in November………..