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Dear Parents and Carers, 

Further to our letter of June 23rd we need to update you on the proposed merger between Templer Academy Schools Trust, Academies South West and the South Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust.  

Following recent discussions, it has become increasingly evident that the ethos and values we hold are not  shared, and as a result of this Academies South West have decided to withdraw from the merger. We believe that without alignment from the outset, the likelihood of the proposed merger delivering on our aspirations is impaired. As a Trust, we remain unwilling to compromise on our core principles and non-negotiables as identified, by our community, throughout the consultation process. We hold dear the necessity to maintain small primary schools, which are so fundamental to their communities, and to ensure that all stakeholders in the Multi Academy Trust have a voice from the outset.

Templer Academy Schools Trust have decided that it is in their best interests to work with ASW rather than South Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust and, as a result of this, we will not be part of this merger. We believe they are mistaken as the opportunities to develop the local provision, for local children in a shared trust should be the priority.

We are a very strong group of schools and the way that our group of Primary schools work together is recognised as exemplary. South Dartmoor Community College and Atrium are both performing well with South Dartmoor’s results being the strongest in the area.

We are obviously disappointed at the final outcome of this process but it has not changed our ethos in wanting to work with others to enhance and develop the education provision for our children and young people. We will therefore continue to explore opportunities where we can work as collaboratively as possible across the area in the best interests of all our schools and their families. 

Yours faithfully,

Graeme Cock

Chair of Directors SDMAT.