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A New Term

Dear parents and Carers,


A new term starts with the College bathed in sunshine and most of the summer building projects complete. The front of the College has had a major facelift thanks to our trustees Glendinings. The new ‘garden area’ will continue to be developed over the coming months. The College has a new minibus fleet, this consists of six new buses-four have arrived and two more are on their way! The Ashmoor Centre has undergone a major refurbishment with the extension of the gym and the provision of £70,000 of new gym equipment. Planning permission has been applied for, for the new dining hall and the Atrium building is really taking shape-these are exciting times at the College particularly in light of a very positive summer on the exams front. We have had glitch with the late delivery of uniform but that situation is being resolved!


Best wishes,

Hugh Bellamy