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2Faced Dance Company Workshop

The SDCC Dance Department were really excited to secure a workshop with the sensational 2Faced Dance Company just before October half term.  Both the Year 10 GCSE Dance class and the Boys Dance Company took part in a one hour workshop each with two dancers from 2Faced; Ed Warner & Kai Tomioka.  The students were blown away by the movement they were taught and it was fantastic to see them all really pushing their limits in order to experience the workshop in the most enthusiastic manner.  

This opportunity to work with such incredible dancers was wonderful for all of the students involved but it made a particularly huge impact on the Boys Dance Company who were mesmerised by the energy and effortless movement that they experienced.  Furthermore, members of the BDC attended a performance of 2Faced Dance Company’ newest production ‘Run’ at The Nortcott Theatre in Exeter the day after the workshop and to say they were left wanting more would be an understatement.  The words “Miss, you could do that for our Body Language piece” were uttered numerous times…no pressure then!

Following the exhilarating performance of ‘Run’, the BDC remained behind for the post-show talk hosted by the dancers and the founder of the company.  They asked intriguing questions and listened intently to the top tips and tricks of the world of dance. 

The most wonderful thing about the evening for the staff was seeing and hearing several members of the general public thanking the boys for being outstanding role-models to other young boys and congratulating them on investing time and energy in to their passion for dance.  

Our whole experience of working with the 2Faced Dance Company could not have been any better and we would like to thank them for nurturing an already enthusiastic group of young people in to driving forward their desire to dance. Here are a few comments from students who took part.

“Amazing workshop!  The floor work that we learnt was incredible and I felt I learnt some great new techniques. All the guys were great, they really connected with us and I felt like they were people rather than just instructors coming to teach us dance. They made the atmosphere electric.”

“Superb workshop. Electric movement including some brilliant technique and advice. The guys were great, helping younger and older students alike. I feel really inspired by the workshop as well as the performance of ‘Run’. Top choreography that was completely awe inspiring, deeply reflective, inciting a passion for dance across all ages and abilities. I would have loved to have spent all day learning from 2Faced.  Thanks so much for all your hard work & effort. Please come to South Dartmoor Community College again!”

“The workshop was one of the best I’ve ever done.  I love the whole style and technique, the flow was astonishing.  It was also great how you left an element of the workshop up to us to be creative with your movement.  It was so inspiring. ‘Run’ was brilliant!  The effort and power of the pieces was awesome. Additionally, the post show Q & A was really great and informative.  Thank you so much and a massive well done!  GREAT!”