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Students and staff at South Dartmoor have returned to College following the festive but very wet holiday! Our end of term was highly enjoyable and memorable with fairground rides, nativity plays, celebrations of student achievements and carols. We start the new term by welcoming three new teachers Nicola Anslow and Joanne Kennett-Meeney in English and Ian Jenkins in Religious Studies. We have said farewell to John Tasker who is now pursuing his career abroad and Simon Hunter who is now teaching in Tavistock and Hattie Walker who has left the profession. We wish them well in their future endeavours and thank them for their contributions to the College.


Other 'new beginnings' include the completion of the Atrium building which has seen the Atrium students 'decamp' from their temporary accommodation in the College and allowed music to return to their own rooms! We also have full use of the College 'play ground' which will be a relief to our lunch and break time basketball players and for those trying to park for evening events. The formal opening of the Atrium Studio will take place on January 15th.


After a range of hold-ups last term we are expecting to see the new dining room built this term and for it to be operational by Easter. This will be a huge step forward for the College and give much greater flexibility, not only for serving food to students, but also for assemblies and as an examination venue.


We look forward to a positive hard-working term and wish you a healthy and successful new year.


Hugh Bellamy

Executive Principal