Level 2 Core Subjects

Sixth Form students who have not gained a grade C or above in their English or Maths GCSE courses in year 11 will be supported towards the achievement of this during their time in Sixth Form. Students who enter Sixth Form not having achieved these qualifications, must attend Level 2 English or Maths lessons in accordance with their timetables.

The courses that are offered to students who need to continue with their study of English and/or Maths are confirmed based upon a student’s GCSE grade in the subject. Students who were close to achieving a C grade in year 11 are likely to be re-entered for the same qualification in year 12. Students who require a greater degree of support towards achieving the C grade will be offered a course suited to their level of need. In previous years course options have included Key Skills and Functional Skills Level 2.

These are offered as ‘stepping stone’ qualifications towards the eventual achievement of the GCSE English and/or Maths courses. Lessons are delivered by specialist staff in a high quality teaching room at Place House Sixth Form Centre or the South Dartmoor English or Maths Departments. A Level 2 English and Maths qualification and ideally a C grade or above in English and Maths GCSE is an essential element of most progression routes beyond post 16 education. This is why we place so much value on this opportunity for students to gain this award.