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Parents’ Evening: 16th November 4.30-7.30 pm

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Sixth Form for the first Parents’ Evening of the academic year. We hope that the appointments with our teaching staff will provide a productive insight into your son’s/daughter’s progress. We do our best to keep to appointment times and students have been asked to book ‘double appointments’ where staff anticipate that a conversation may take longer than the allotted five minutes. If you feel there are matters outstanding at the end of an appointment, please do make arrangements for further discussions with staff at a later date so that we meet your needs and provide prompt service for all parents and students on the evening.

There will be a signing in sheet when you arrive, progress records for students to collect and complete during their meetings. Refreshments will be available in the common room.

Facebook and Twitter Communications

If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the South Dartmoor Sixth Form pages. As well as posting good news stories, we are also using these platforms to share notices and information with students that parents may also find it helpful to access.

Year 12 Work Experience

Thank you to all students and parents of year 12 who have returned consent forms for work experience. There are still some forms outstanding and we must have these to proceed with organising placements for students. Work experience is a compulsory element of post 16 education and the college has an obligation to engage all 16-19 year olds in a quality work experience that is aligned with their career aspirations or program of study. We have set a designated week for the work experience (16th – 20th July) but there are some providers who may offer alternative dates. As long as these are outside of the public examination period in May/June, it is fine for students to undertake work experience on different dates and then use the ‘work experience week’ to study at home. Bev Killingbeck, our Senior Careers Administrator and Julie Randell, who is Head of Careers, are available to help students identify and apply for placements. Please contact Bev by email if you have any queries (

Year 12 Learn to Live: 28th November

A letter about this impactful driving safety awareness initiative has been sent to the parents of year 12 students. I would very much like all of year 12 to attend ‘Learn to Live’. If you would like to find out more please visit the websites: and

Year 13 UCAS

The earlier students submit their UCAS Application for entrance to Higher Education, the better. The recommended college deadline was 31st October and the ABSOLUTE deadline is the end of the autumn term (Christmas). While the official UCAS deadline is 15th January, if students leave it this late, it is unlikely we will be able to process the application in time, and it will be stamped ‘LATE’ by UCAS. Failure to meet the Xmas deadline is not an option.

Applications are processed by Penny Clark, Neil Whitelaw and Kirsty Matthews. This involves a number of checks, and therefore requires some ‘back & forth’ movement before applications will be ready to finally send off. Students who are applying to University should be talking to their tutors about their references now, so that these will be ready for uploading and quality assuring by Neil Whitelaw and Kirsty Matthews.

Students who have registered with UCAS and have not handed in a completed application by 20th December will be expected to attend a UCAS focus day with Year 13 staff on Thursday 21st December. This will be held at Place House.


Reading and Revision Days: 24th November and 21st December

We have scheduled two ‘reading and revision days’ this half term in advance of the mock exam period, which starts straight after the Christmas break.  The aim of these days is to provide a day’s ‘respite’ for students to get up to date with all work, provide them with an opportunity to study and revise independently and get involved in some in depth and valuable learning. This also helps to prepare our learners for Higher Education study practices. Teachers will be suggesting work activities for students who may require some extra direction. Further to this I have been really impressed with the ‘get revising’ website that provides access to a huge range of revision resources. I have just searched ‘mock exam revision’ in ‘get revising’ which I filtered to AS and A level and got 12,229 results! There is a wealth of information out there that students can get immersed in.

Mock Exams 3rd – 12th January 2018

These start straight after the Christmas break and will be held for subjects in normal lesson time. The most effective revision starts early on. The aim of the mocks is to support the long term retention of knowledge that will be necessary to perform well in the summer exam season. The mocks also provide a diagnostic tool for teachers to assess how secure students’ learning is so they can adapt teaching and learning interventions in the run up to the main exams.

Home Study Contracts

Students must be in college at all times, except for any specific periods that are listed in an agreed Home Study Contract. Not all home study contracts will be approved by the college - attendance and performance are all considered before a contract is agreed.


Upcoming Dates

November 2017

Thu 16

Year 12 and Year 13 Parents Evening

Fri 24

Year 12 and Year 13 Reading and Revision day for January mocks.

Tue 28 PM

Learn2Live conference in Torquay – Year 12 only



December 2017

Wed 20

UCAS Final Deadline

Thu 21

UCAS Focus day

Thu 21



January 2018

Wed 3


Wed 3 – Fri 12


Mon 15 – Fri 19

Year 13 Learning Habit Review


February 2018

Fri 9

Year 12 Higher Education/Futures Day

Monday 12 – Fri 16


Thu 22

Year 12 and Year 13 Parents Evening



March 2018

Weds-Thu 14-15

South West Skills Show: Plymouth Pavilions

Tue-Wed 20-21

UCAS Convention. Westpoint Arena, Exeter

Thu 29



April 2018

Mon 16


Mon 23 - 27

Sixth Form Student Voice Focus Week


May 2018

Mon 7

Bank Holiday Monday

Fri 25

Year 13 Last day and Leavers Party

Mon 28 – Fri 1




June 2018

Mon 4 June

Year 13 Study Leave starts

Thu 14

Year 12 A Parent’s Guide to Higher Education Evening 6-7pm Common Room


July 2018

Mon 2 – Tue 3

Sixth Form Induction Days

Fri 13

LAST DAY OF TEACHING for Sixth Form and Year 12 deadline to submit first draft of personal statement to tutor.

Mon 16 – Fri 20

Work Experience Week for Sixth Form


August 2018

Thu 16

GCE Results available from Place House from 9 am

GCE AS results available from Place House from 12 pm

Sixth Form Re-Enrolment

Thu 23

GCSE Results available from Place House from 9 am

Sixth Form Enrolment – Internal Applicants

Fri 24

Sixth Form Enrolment – External Applicants