Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

As Art Costa, an American educator says, we need to prepare students, 'not just for a life of tests, but for the tests of life'. The use of Learning Habits to build Learning Power is a core approach to developing the whole person at South Dartmoor Community College. We believe that better learners will make the most of and have better opportunities in life whatever their ability.

At South Dartmoor Community College we strive to provide compelling learning experiences that promote high expectations for all students at all times. We enjoy other schools visiting us, both nationally and internationally, to see how learning at South Dartmoor Community College makes a difference. In order to continually improve student learning staff approach their work with open minds, modelling themselves as learners who seek to do their very best.

As a result we value:
• Student, parent and staff dialogue about learning
• Assessment, Marking and Feedback, and Praise, that creates progress and perseverance
• Relevant and purposeful use of Learning Habits

This means that staff value constructive communication with one another, students and parents. In order to do our very best we believe that everyone (staff, students and parents) needs to take Personal Responsibility for their contributions to improve learning.


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