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South Dartmoor Community College
Balland Lane
United Kingdom
TQ13 7EW
P: 01364 652230


South Dartmoor Community College
Balland Lane
TQ13 7EW

Telephone 01364 652230
Facsimile   01364 654069

If you know the name of the member of staff you wish to contact then please refer to the list at the end of this page.


Sixth Form

Telephone: 01364 654301

Student Absences

To report a Year 07 - Year 11 absence please use: 01364 655406

To report a Year 12 - Year 13 absence please use: 01364 654301

Ofsted Parent View

If travelling from Exeter - using the A30 or M5 - continue onto the A38. Once the dual carriageway divides, just after Kennford, please follow the Plymouth route (A38).

Continue past Chudleigh, Heathfield Industrial Estate (Newton Abbot) and Bickington until you see the sign for Ashburton (Linhay). Take this exit and turn right, over the bridge. Follow the road around the declining left turn - past Glendinning's office (on the right-hand-side) and turn right into Balland Lane (just after the Ashburton signage). Follow this road until the turning circle adjacent to the main campus entrance.

If travelling from Plymouth - using the A38 - continue past Ivybridge and Buckfastleigh until you see the second sign for Ashburton (Linhay). Take this exit and turn left. Turn right (almost immediately) into Balland Lane (just after the Ashburton signage), following the road until the turning circle of the campus and enter the visitors' entrance.

For the main campus turn left at the turning circle, entering into the visitors' parking area (denoted by 'Parking point A' on the campus map). Alternatively, for Sixth Form (Place House) continue along Balland Lane (past the turning circle) and turn left into Place Lane. Travel along Place Lane until the entrance on the right-hand-side is visible. Enter through this entrance, turning immediatly right into the parking area (denoted by 'Parking point C' on the campus map).

The nearest main-line train station is in Newton Abbot. Most services from London Paddington and Penzance, and local services from Exmouth and Torquay, stop at this location. Taxis are available outside the train station for the journey to the college; which is approximately 15 minutes travel time. For further information please visit:

There are several bus services that travel through or near to Ashburton, of which the most direct is Stagecoach route ‘88/88C’. This service can be accessed to/from Paignton (including South Devon College during term-time), Totnes, Buckfastleigh, Ashburton (including South Dartmoor Community College during term-time) and Newton Abbot. For further information please visit:

Staff Contact List


Anslow, Nicola

Axford, Craig

Baines, Lucinda

Baldwin, Jared

Bassett, Karen

Bellamy, Hugh

Bennett, Louise

Bowen, Charlotte

Bradford, John

Brandt, Sarah

Brooks, Samantha

Buckle, Catherine

Buckler, Claire

Burfield, Martin

Burgos-Lejonagoitia, Laura

Bush, Nicola

Byng, Melanie

Clapson, Nicola

Climent-Donat, Maria

Collins, James

Collins, Lucy

Collins, Paul

Cooper, Jacqueline

Cowell, Abi

Craze, Gemma

Creed, Jo

Cribb, Philip

Cunningham, Gary

Davis, Fiona

Davis, Marie

Desforges, Ged

Dinnie, Steven

Dixon, Emma



Elgar, Kimberley

Fannon, Vicki

Flint, Rebecca

Foley, Michael

Fox, Adam

Gasson-Jones, Lisa

Goodchild, Fiona

Hagan, Kate

Hall, Benjamin

Hawkins, Annie

Hayne, Tom

Hayward, Dan

Hills, James

Hills, Susan

Hills, Zoe

Hodges, Christopher

Holt, Katie

Howarth, Lucy

Hutchings, Kate

Ingham-Hill, Julie

Jenkins, Ian

Kennett-Meeney, Joanne

Kerr, Ben

Kilburn, Katherine

Lallchand, Mounia

Lea, Kate

Lethbridge, Tammi

Lewis, Jonathan

Lewis, Rachel

Lewis, Robert

Lobato-Alonso, Marina

Lodge, Jim

Long, Nick

Lovick, Benjamin

Mardall, Bekah

Mason, Rebecca

Matthews, Amy

Matthews, Kirsty

Mccance, Lucinda

McCarthy, Kerri

Megee, Hannah

Mieczkowska, Suzanne

Mitchelmore, Rachael

Morgan, Judith

Morrison-Hill, Jamie

Mukherjee, Ben

Murray, Carol

Murray, Danny

Nelson, Kevin

Nuttall, Sharon

Murphy, Garry

O'Halloran, Martin

Osborn, Emma

Othman, Yusof

Padfield, Hannah

Palmer, Lindsey

Perring, Richard

Phipps, Donald

Pryke, Rob

Randall, Julie

Ray, David

Rhodes, Patricia

Rigby, Emma

Ritter, Lily

Roberts, Philip

Robinson, Emelya

Rockey, Karen

Scott Chappell

Shaikh, Mustafa

Shorland, Maria

Sims, Gillian

Slater, Michael

Small, Amy

SnowCrockford, Fergus

Stephenson, Dean

Steven C. Brown

Stickland, Andy

Stoakes, Claire

Sutton, Allan

Thomson, Madeline

Tomlin, Edward

Tregoning, Carol

Turley, Christina

Turner, Kath

Turner, William

Veevers, Tony

Vile, Daniel

Walkden, Dave

Ward, Nicola

Weekes, Peter

Whelan, Carole

Whitehead, John

Whitelaw, Neil

Wickenden, Ralph

Wilkes, Nicola

Wilson, Jonathan

Woodward, James

Woodward, Lisa

Young, Daniel