SIMS Learning Gateway

SIMS Learning Gateway

Access SIMS Learning Gateway for students

Access SIMS Learning Gateway for parents/carers

Access SIMS Learning Gateway for staff

Our School Information Management System (SIMS), which stores important information, can be accessed - by students, parents/carers and staff - through a simplified version call SIMS Learning Gateway. SIMS Learning Gateway allows you to check attendance, grades and comments, and timetables from a secure, password protected area.

Internet browsers supported by SIMS Learning Gateway (Based on SIMS Technical Roadmap March 2016)

Windows Operating System:

Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox (latest, on Windows/non-Windows OS)
Google Chrome (latest at time of release)

Microsoft Edge (default Windows 10 browser) is not currently supported please use Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Firefox when viewing SLG using Windows 10


Mac Operation System:

Safari (latest)



iPhone (latest)

Android (latest)


Please contact if you have any queries or issues.