Learning Habits

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We want students to become the architects of their own success.

A core aim is to develop students who are equipped for the challenges of confidently contributing to society now and in the future. We want students to be creative, considerate, curious, courageous, interdependent, independent learners. Some estimates suggest that many of our students will be employed in jobs which haven’t even been invented yet. We therefore place great importance on developing learning habits for life through approaches we develop with one of our Trust partners - The Learning Organisation (TLO).

These approaches are called Building Learning Power.

They are organised into four areas:

Staff and students look to progress their learning by using these Learning Habits.

The focus of Building Learning Power:

  • Creating better life chances for young people
  • Believing that the habit of learning can be learned
  • Seeking challenges so that we learn how to improve
  • Developing the whole person; their thinking, their emotional intelligence, their social and strategic Learning Habits

What about exam results?

Research has shown that when students are helped to become more confident and independent as learners, and more articulate about the process of learning itself, examination results improve. Under test conditions they are less likely to 'go to pieces'; they are more likely to persevere and not give up in the face of difficulty, when confronted with an examination question presented in a different format to that which they have previously practiced, for example.

The How and What of Learning

When students learn using Learning Habits they experience how they learn which empowers them to see how they can improve their learning in and out of college. In this way students learning matures, they practice their learning and experience how learning in one area can connect to other subjects and areas of life.

All lessons are planned with dual lesson objectives. There is a focus on the Learning Habits (the how of learning) as well as the subject content (the what of learning).

Learning activities are deliberately designed to stretch and exercise the Learning Habits.

There is an on-going programme of lesson observations by staff, students and parents / carers who then discuss the learning. Because we believe that Learning Habits Build Learning Power the formal Staff Performance and Progression system of appraisal is built around staff using Learning Habits to improve their performance. If Learning Habits are good enough for students, they are good enough for staff!

The Learning Wheel

We use the Learning Wheel to help us identify progress and challenges.

Which Learning Habits have you improved at today?

The success of Learning Habits are measured in all kinds of ways. One of the learning measures is how to use Learning Habits to Get Unstuck.

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