The Governing Body of South Dartmoor Community College looks at strategic issues and is responsible for the employment of staff.

• To involve all Governors in all aspects of Governing Body
• To be 'Critical Friends'
• To continue professional development - staff and students
• To ensure that South Dartmoor Community College is a place that all students and staff want to come, to feel safe and secure, and leave, having achieved their own, personal, maximum potential.


The Governors:

Clerk to the Governors - please refer all enquiries and correspondence to the Clerk.

Chair: Mr Graeme Cock, Co-opted Governor (in office until 18/05/2019)

Vice Chair: Mr Richard Lapham, Co-opted Governor (08/10/2020)


Mr Hugh Bellamy, Principal Academy Trust

Mr Christopher Aston, Parent Governor (05/05/2019)

Mrs Emma Brown, Co-opted Governor (31/03/2019)

Mr Charlie Dennis, Co-opted Governor (31/03/2019)

Mrs Lucy Dennis, Co-opted Governor (04/12/2020)

Mrs Annkatrin Hendry, Co-opted Governor (02/02/2021)

Mr Paul McCormick, Co-opted Governor (31/03/2019)

Mr Justin Moreton, Co-opted Governor (02/02/2021)

Mr David Ray, Staff Governor (10/02/2020)

Mr Philip Roberts, Staff Governor (10/02/2020)


Please find below the minutes of meetings of the Governing Body:

SDCC Minutes 03-02-17

SDCC Draft Minutes 23-03-17

Directors Minutes 06-02-17

Directors Minutes 27-03-17